Is America Past the Point of No Return?

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Bill Ender's picture
Bill Ender

I think so.  And I *KNOW* Arizona is.  BTW, we lost our one and only progressive radio station (KPHX1480) in Phoenix last week -- they shut down altogether.  

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We're in the house fixing business and sometimes a thing is not worth fixing. You end up with a working mess of old parts that will break soon and new parts that put stress on the old ones. Sometimes, as much as you might want to keep the original, it's just not a good idea. Are we there with America? The fact that we are not laughing at just asking the question might mean that the answer is yes.

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Have corporate/tycoon control of our republic achieved such a point, to the point that it's never again reversible? Have we passed the tipping point where majority rule government kicks the bucket? I try to get the best research paper writing here but at the same time good piece of you have posted here.

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