How To Train White People Not to Fear Black People

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Barb Keith's picture
Barb Keith

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO outraged at what's happening to people of color!!!!!!! I work with many black people and if I think of them being in a position where they are just going about their daily activities and then they end up getting shot, it sickens me, is outrageous and hurts my heart. White people MUST join the fight to change what is happening in this country. We need to get rid of the radical, white xenophobic politicians that are perpetuating institutionalized racism.



This morning (Friday), and our cast is delayed one day, I think, on KPFK--Tom dismissed a caller rapidly as the caller pointed out the hypocricy of Starbucks working with the ADL to some extent on their racism education project (where they are closing stores soon). The ADL is directly connected to Israel--the racist, Apartheid nation. Why did Hartmann dismiss the caller without discussion?

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