Is Trump Admin About to Call Native Americans Terrorists?

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An open letter to Arizoan Senator Jeff Flake:

Mr. Flake,

As a result of my recent communications with you, it appears I have been added to your Roundup Report, and I must tell you that I quite taken aback by what I have seen in it.  Even though you are a Republican, I always thought you were a reasonable Senator who represented all of your constituents, including Democrats such as myself.  After reading your Report, however, I am not at all convinced that is the case. 

I am most dismayed to see that you actually align yourself with Fox News.  As most of us know, Fox News is largely a propaganda machine, and its viewers are known to be not only less informed than those who don’t follow any news source, but they are mal-informed to such a degree that they may be equated to being brainwashed.  That you would use such a vehicle to advance your agenda, I find most disheartening. 

I am in utter disbelief that anyone such as yourself who seems like such a fine and enlightened gentleman would endorse the cabinet Donald Trump has selected.  I would think that a man of your moral strength would distance himself from Trump’s cabinet, and especially Trump himself.  Regardless of your party affiliation, surely you can see the malady in normalizing this administration and following the destructive path down which they are leading us. 

You seem to be especially enamored with Betsy DeVos.  Are you serious?  Are you aware that most Americans and most of your constituents are in outright opposition to her?  That being the case, I must ask who exactly it is that you are representing?  On the other hand, you evidently supported the disgraceful and highly disrespectful manner in which Mitch McConnell ordered Elizabeth Warren to shut up about Jeff Sessions.  This ludicrous move on his part backfired in a big way, and exposed the Republican’s support of a racist, white supremacist, and I am most disappointed to learn that you are also in favor of Jeff Sessions. 

If you love our country as much as I do, I implore you to set aside partisanship and step back to realize the tragedy that we are now encountering at the hands of Donald Trump, whom most agree is mentally unstable and dangerous for our country.  I would hate for us all to wake up one day when it is too late and regret that we allowed such a destructive force that could have been prevented with just a moderate amount of reason and prudence, had we only realized in time just what a horrid situation the Trump regime placed us in. 

I find no honor, in fact I find dishonor in the knowledge that you actually voted for all of the marginal characters Trump selected for his cabinet.  If you love the government and democracy you represent, why would you vote for those who seek to destroy them? 

When I learned that you are spearheading the break-up of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, I was sickened.  Obviously you have been propelled into overdrive by their blocking of Trump’s racist immigration ban.  Most Americans breathed a sigh of relief when Trump’s unethical and illegal ban was stopped in its tracks.  But you actually seek to undermine the very court that came to our rescue.  How could you?

As for your support of Gorsuch, I hope you realize that this is a stolen seat, and if he is confirmed, his extreme right wing agenda will always be viewed with contempt by the majority of Americans.  Every time the 5-4 Supreme Court strikes down our rights and freedoms one by one, we will remember how the Republicans obstructed Merrick Garland.  And when our democracy is left in tatters by an extremist philosophy that is out of touch with the vast majority of Americans and the rest of the world, we will remember that it was the Republicans who are to blame.

I also learned that you are in opposition of efforts to save our environment, in favor of big business and fossil fuel interests.  Once again, I dread the day that you and your Republican party wake up to the fact that we are destroying our earth for our children and grandchildren.  Considering your strong faith and that you are a family man, I would think that the environment would be a priority for you over corporate profits. 

On a positive note, I was glad to hear that you support preserving the U.S. Forest Service’s ability to fight wildfires in Arizona.  I hope that in your role as chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water and Power means that you are in favor of expanding, not cutting back on funding to do protect our environment. 

Thank you,

Valerie Rich


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