'Tsunami' of Progressive Victories Delivers Massive Repudiation of Trumpism

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FYI - Tali Sharot: The Influential Mind

The following concepts might help debate people that deny climate change ....




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Trump was not on the ballot despite what you might be hearing from the liberal media.  Trump did not win VA last year.  Gillepsie won the same counties that Trump did in 2016.  The dems won the governorship because they were able, for once, to get more turnout.  The democrats should be asking themselves why they were not able to win back any counties that went for Trump in 2016.  Why?  What has happened to the democratic party in this country?

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What happened to the Democratic party you ask?   Too many years of ignoring the working people, the middle class.   Not to mention the corruption of the Clinton's.   Karma is a bitch. 

We are witnessing the end of the Democratic party.    The Republicans do not seem to be too far behind.  Hopefully, a new party will emerge from the victory of President Trump, the voice of the people.   

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