Posted at Medium on Jan. 6, 2021

The ultimate example of how the Republican Party has lost its way

The New York Times just published a truly shocking article detailing conversations between Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Essentially, Trump asked Pence to ignore the electoral college votes from a few swing states and thus declare Trump president for the next four years. Pence did not say, “But Mr. President, that would not reflect the will of the voters, which is the American way.“
Posted at Medium on Jan. 5, 2021

Can the American experiment be saved from the Trump/GOP coup attempt?

The pharmacist in Wisconsin who destroyed 500 doses of coronavirus vaccine did so because he believed they would “alter human DNA,” reflecting a popular conspiracy theory on Facebook that has absolutely no basis in fact. Science, religion, and conspiracy theories are all, essentially the same thing: systems or attempts to explain the unknown, to make sense out of things beyond our senses or immediate, touchable reality. Thus, our vulnerability to conspiracy theories and con artists like Trump.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 4, 2021

How the Supreme Court set up the authoritarian takeover of America

Donald Trump‘s phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is the latest illustration of his lifelong criminality. Over the last 40 years, career criminals like Trump have increasingly moved out of the business world and the streets and into politics, something for which we can thank the Supreme Court. There are, among us, a small number of individuals who are career criminals. They have literally spent their entire lives skirting or outright breaking the law, and not only believe the law doesn’t apply to them, but actually delight in getting away with their crimes.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 3, 2021

Will Biden Follow GOP Advice and Shoot Santa Claus?

In the process of killing the $2000 Covid survival checks, Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans resurrected their Party’s longest-running scam, an idea laid out by Jude Wanniski back in the 1970s to use the deficit to destroy Democrats. The history is fascinating, and not only tells us how they’ll be re-running this long con but also what Democrats can do to expose it.
Posted at Raw Story on Dec. 30, 2020

Trump’s indifference and racism kills 1 in 1,000 Americans

How is it that in Australia it's 3 out of every 100,000 people, and in New Zealand it's 1 out of every 200,000 people, but here in America we're dropping like flies? Chalk it up to Republican racism and a libertarian indifference to the notion of society.
Posted at Raw Story on Dec. 16, 2020

America’s survival depends on bankrupting the Republican Party

It’s time to defund the GOP, and there’s precedent and strategy for the effort. The need to cut the party’s access to both private and government money is seen in the reaction by some extremist Republicans to news like a New York State lawmaker’s proposal to make vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory. Predictably, the far right is freaking out. “Freedom!” they scream as they run around maskless, assaulting their fellow citizens with potentially virus-laden breath.
Posted at The Nation on Dec. 16, 2020

Talk Radio: Democrats Can’t Win if They Don’t Play

Why Did So Many Americans Vote for Donald Trump?” asks the headline in The New York Times shortly after the election. Weirdly, that article—and hundreds like it purporting to explain the previous 2016 election—lacked even a single mention of the roughly 1,500 right-wing talk-radio stations that saturate every corner, no matter how remote or rural, of America.
Posted at on Dec. 16, 2020

Mitch McConnell is holding your community hostage until corporations are able to kill you without consequence

Probably the most under-reported story of the year has been how Mitch McConnell is holding Americans hostage in exchange for letting big corporations kill Americans without any consequence. Mitch took you and me hostage back in May, when the House of Representatives passed the HEROES act that would have funded state and local governments and provided unemployed workers with an ongoing weekly payment.
Posted at Raw Story on Nov. 25, 2020

Republicans are helping Trump destroy the country before Biden takes office

Donald Trump‘s treason extends far beyond his efforts to damage Americans belief in our form of government, our elected democratic republic, that Trump’s oligarch buddies in Saudi Arabia, Russia and China also regularly disparage. Trump’s also actively damaging the ability of the incoming Biden administration to aid Americans during the Trump Depression, and to get the virus in check. In this, he has help from Steve Mnuchin and Mitch McConnell.