Posted at Buzzflash on Jul. 10, 2006

Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, by Michelle Goldberg

As a resurgent Taliban takes over large swatches of Afghanistan, changing that nation's social mores, educational curriculum, and legal system, many Americans would be shocked to discover how massive and powerful the new American Christian Taliban has become. So powerful, in fact, that it could be argued it's taken over large portions of the federal government, several state governments, and thousands of county and municipal governments.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Jul. 9, 2006

Reclaiming The Issues: "Why Is Bush Spying On Democrats?!?"

Every time Democrats and progressives speak out about George W. Bush's spying on Americans without mentioning that he may also be spying on Democrats, they're playing into Karl Rove's "National Security Frame" and actually strengthening Republican electoral chances in November. To short-circuit this, Democrats need to invoke the ghost of Richard Nixon.
Posted at Buzzflash on Jun. 11, 2006

The Conservative Nanny State, by Dean Baker

It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of "The Conservative Nanny State" by Dean Baker, a macroeconomist with a PhD in economics from the University of Michigan and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC.
Posted at Buzzflash on May. 15, 2006

Let Every Nation Know: John F. Kennedy in His Own Words, by Robert Dallek, Terry Golway

On November 22, 1963, the day he was assassinated in Dallas, John F. Kennedy was scheduled to give a speech in which he would have said:"We in this country, in this generation, are - by destiny rather than choice - the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of 'peace on earth, goodwill toward men.' That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For as was written long ago, 'except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.'"
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Apr. 26, 2006

The Story of Carl - On Workers Memorial Day

Carl loved books and loved history and, after spending two years in the army as part of the American occupation forces in Japan immediately after World War II, was hoping to graduate from college and teach history, perhaps even at the university level if he could hang on to the GI Bill and his day job in a camera store long enough to get his Ph.D.
Posted at Buzzflash on Apr. 18, 2006

"The Second Bill of Rights: FDR's Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More Than Ever" by Cass R. Sunstein. Thom Hartmann's "Independent Thinker" Book of the Month Review

In his recent book, The Shield and the Cloak, Gary Hart notes that "When every child in America is secure, then America will be secure." He frames social and economic security as not only equal to national military security, but as the foundation of national security. Hart is right. But he is not the first to have suggested this concept.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Apr. 10, 2006

Democracy Be Damned - Republicans Need Another War

George W. Bush is at it again. This time, reports Sy Hersh in The New Yorker, it'll be Iran. (Those of us who guessed it would have been Syria first apparently underestimated his hubris.) And this time he wants to be able to use nukes.