Mass shooters and child-killers are celebrating. Meanwhile Republican politicians vow to protect us and our kids from — wait for it — librarians and…
Has the American public finally wised up to Wanniski’s and Reagan’s Two Santas scam, even if they don’t know the details or the backstory?
Will we continue to worship great wealth & allow the morbidly rich to manipulate our nation’s political processes to their own ends? Or will we wake up…
If working people were a bit more desperate about their economic situations, some conservative thinkers & the uber wealthy believe, they’d be less…
Why do other countries have extensive and functioning social safety nets and wealthy people who pay their taxes, and we have neither?
Anybody who thinks cooler heads will prevail like they did in 2011 doesn’t know these Republicans. Buckle up - we’re in for a wild ride that could spell…
These are the two primary strategies we all use to motivate ourselves and others every day. We use them in our internal self-talk, we use them with our…
Our hairdryer math gets really bizarre when we apply it to global warming
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