The filibuster is the world’s largest fig leaf, big enough to hide dozens of cowardly or bought-off senators of both parties, all at one time
Filibuster Fingerprints Are All Over Our Dying DemocracyListen now (9 min) | Thom's Daily Read 28October21
Thom's Daily Read 27October21Listen now (4 min) | Take This Job and Shove It!
Working people in poorly-run, wildly-infected Red states are singing along with Johnny Paycheck
Thom's Daily Read 26October21Listen now (14 min) | Covid Shows How Fragile & Wrong Neoliberal Trade Policies Are
Perot was right & so were Henry VII, Alexander Hamilton, and Deng Xiaoping -- It’s time for America to recover our gutted middle class & to ensure our …
Either our country will continue down the road toward cruel oligarchy and violent fascism, or we’ll return to core American values of fairness, compass…
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