After four years of America having a professional, lifelong criminal as our president, is it any wonder crime is up?
Thom's Daily Read 26January22Listen now (11 min) | If a Criminal Becomes President -- Do You Get More Crime?
This debate about how humans should govern themselves is the real battle of our time, both metaphorically and literally, both internationally and right…
Thom's Daily Read 25January22Listen now (11 min) | Is the Anti-Democracy Movement Reaching a Tipping Point in the US and Around the World?
Lives are at stake, and the next person needing help could easily be you, a member of your family, or, like me, an old friend’s husband
Thom's Daily Read 24January22Listen now (6 min) | Can America Answer the Call of Kidney Karma?
Complete the jigsaw with Thom's articles you may have missed this week
The amazing story of how a lie told by a politically ambitious Supreme Court clerk in 1886 altered the course of American history and paved the way for…
The Best of the Rest of the News
It's time to say “No” to Big Tech and “smart” appliances that are, in reality, data thieves attaching themselves to us and our homes like blood-sucking…
Thom's Daily Read 21January22Listen now (8 min) | My Dishwasher Wants to Spy on Me!
It’s a low bar, but America must become at least as functional as the NFL!