Could High Fructose Sugar Be Responsible for the Obesity & Diabetes Epidemic?

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Partially...Since industrial farming began killing the soil, the microbes and worms that release the minerals we need in our plants, is down to 25% of what we need. It's a wonder we get any food minerals at all. This is making people all kinds of sick. 

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One main problem is Genetically Modified Organisms... to wit: corn.
High Fructose Corn Syrup is sweetener made from Genetically Modified  Corn.  It's a neurotoxin to humans.
Chicken McNuggets are almost 60% corn... Genetically Modified Corn.  (also a neurotoxin to humans)
Most Grape Jelly is almost 50% corn (GMO corn... neurotoxic)
The list goes on & on...

Approximately 90% of American Corn is genetically modified; MONSANTO (the huge chemical company) owns it.
In the old days, FARMERS helped bring food to our tables....
These days, Multi-National Chemical Companies are bringing food to MANY of our tables!
Many fellow Americans are unaware of this huge issue, because it's not publicized....
Most companies are proud of their brand, and they put their logos on all of their products.. Samsung, Sony, Ford, Turtle-Wax, Windex, etc... MONSANTO hides their brand, and has thwarted attempts (with their huge bankrolls) to have full disclosure in labeling.
Would you purchase Welch's Grape-Flavored MONSANTO JELLY ?
"Yes, my grandkids would like a 10-piece order of CHICKEN McMONSANTO-Nuggets...."
"Our newborn drinks ENFAMIL with Iron & Cancer... Can I please have 2 cartons?"

The herbicides used to help grow this "indestructible corn" are neurotoxic to humans...In fact, they're a very slow-acting poison, called GLYPHOSATES.
Also, Genetically Modified Corn lacks nutrients that REAL corn has... ie- such foods are "Calorie rich, and nutritionally poor"
It takes approximately 17 ears of GMO corn,  to equal the nutrients and vitamins in ONE ear of natural corn. This is due, in part, to the fact that our soil lacks many essential minerals... phosphorus, and potassium, (just to name two).

SUGAR is not causing obesity, nor is it causing diabetes... it's the artificial sweeteners that are making us an ill and obese society.

Human bodies understand 3 foods:
Carbohydrates (of which,  sugar is one) Our body turns carbs into usable sugars.
Proteins-  Our body turns proteins into amino acids
Fats- Our body turns fats into fatty acids.
EVERYTHING ELSE- our body cannot "understand" digest, thus it stores these other "fake food" products .

Do you know any overweight folks (of which I used to be one), who'll say, "I really don't eat that much!!".    By, and large,  they're telling the truth.   It's WHAT they are eating,  that is causing the obesity;  not necessarily how much.  (I do realize 3,500 excess calories equal 1 pound of fat).   Children might unknowingly believe that an obese person eats an excess of donuts,  and hamburgers all day;  every day. (just an example).

Again,  given the garbage that's passed-off as "SAFE FOOD" by our  FDA (fraud & deception association),  it's likely not a problem of overeating...  Ever wonder why WE (USA) are among the most overweight in the world?
We have "diet food" galore, in our  stores.
We have gyms,  almost on every corner.
The problem is what we put in our mouth.

Ever notice that MANY COUNTRIES will not buy our food products, despite having a huge BEEF and CORN market,  here in the US?
Most of our livestock is pumped full of hormones & steroids.
When we eat those meats or drink that milk,  WE are consuming hormones & steroids too!
This is one reason why we have such a sick society.

BIG CHEM and BIG PHARMA are doing quite a number on us,  but that talk is for a different day.

Eat organic foods when you can.
Cholesterol  IS  good for you....   Their campaign of teaching us how "bad" cholesterol is helps the sale of their STATIN DRUGS.  (that's for another day,  too)

Be well,  brothers & sisters.


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