Democrats Need to Stop Insisting That Everything Is Going Well

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Slim's picture

The Democrats are in bubble. With the exception of the White House and a couple coastal states they have have been decisively defeated, yet they think they are on the rise.

magickagate's picture

The Dems sadly/frighteningly still have the idea that everything is going to be fine because we have HRC. Yet they fail to seriously consider just how deeply hated she is and how much the email biz has impacted on voters. There is a troubling amount of low information voters today as well as deep seated misogny. Then there is the impression many (myself included) that she is far too politically expedidant with her views. Perhaps I'm just too cynical but I just don't buy the notion of her 'evolving views'. HRC has been very late in changing her positions on gay marriage and to expect voters to truly buy that she's now against the TPP is just ridiculous. She helped to write the thing! This election will I fear be viewed by many as choosing which one is the lesser of two evils. The obvious choice is HRC but not with any serious enthusiasm.

gummie's picture

Not shocking how the media is all but completely ignoring Trumps points on trade policy. 

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Join Berine's new organization to support true Progressives!

magickagate's picture

Very true gummie! The media have totally stopped serving the people and become the handmaidens to the political snowjob coming from both sides. The Dems need to wake up and take a good long look at the popularity of Trump. He's a walking talking textbook of current pop culture. There are many who would love the idea of a kick-a%* president. Look at how popular the movie 'Air Force One' was. That whole 'Mad Max ' take no prisoners; we're No.1#; chest-thumping worldview is not only deeply held but cherished as 'American' and Trump was simply saying the same things that you' almost bar in the US. Sadly that kind of thinking: that crime is rampant (in truth crime is down in many areas- not that our 24/7 fearmongering news would ever admit); that our nation is almost at a state of 1929 depression era unemployment (the monthly jobs reports speak for themselves); but ugliest of all is Trump's tone that if he's elected he'll set everything right again meaning a WHITE MALE will be in charge again. Let's not forget what Trump is really selling WHITE MALE DOMINATION to the masses and to the 99% that one of their own will truly have the reigns of power.

Uncle Ralph's picture
Uncle Ralph

Will Hillary "get it" after she loses to Trump?  Or will she spend the rest of her life in her establishment bubble never realizing what went wrong or why?  Bernie should refuse to speak tonight unless DWS resigns the DNC this afternoon---just as a wake-up call.  HRC and her organization need a wake-up call.  Maybe several.  Let's start by waking up today, people!

magickagate's picture

Why should Hillary get it now? She's had the entire DNC behind her ready to bend or break any rule to get her the nomination with Wasserman-Shultz only too happy to get her hands dirty for Hillary. That whole mess with the DNC withholding info from Bernie's staff left a seriously bad taste in my mouth for the DNC. If she loses to Trump it will only mean she'll go back to being a cheerleader for Walk Street and earning more in an hour than most folks make in a year. Hillary is not a true progressive; she's barely a democrat. HRC is a moderate republican just look at her choice of Tim Kane. Kane is pro-life; but look at his record. He was only too proud of his championing ending late term abortion and abstence-only sec education. Yet Planned Parenthood is happy with him because they know Trump is 1000 times worse.

chicagomatt's picture

From the article:

"They (Democrats) highlight the achievements of the Obama administration in bringing healthcare to millions and reducing unemployment."

Every "success" has unintended consequences. Here's what my Democratic friends think when they hear about these Obama "successes":

1. I was forced to buy health insurance even though I didn't want it. Forcing people to do something, then celebrating that they did it, is a bit disingenuous. 

2. I already had health insurance, but my premiums, copays, and wait times all went up.

3. The company I work for had to lay off people to afford the new premiums. Now I have to do the work of two people.

4. I got bumped down to part-time status, so my company wouldn't have to offer me insurance that I didn't want anyway.

5. That's probably why the unemployment rate is so low - full-time jobs being broken into part-time jobs. 

6. I don't really care about the unemployment rate. I care about my personal employment situation. 

7. Am I better off now that I was 8 years ago?

alaskanaturally's picture
alaskanaturally    Thom was wrong about Nader not being responsible for Gore's loss in 2000. Click on the link to see the definitive study. 60 % of Nader voters in Florida would have voted for a Dem. Sure some might not have voted but in an election determined by under 600 votes, Gore definitely lost Fl because of the third party candidate.

magickagate's picture

Yes Alaskan you're absolutely right. I remember reading about how strong the Baser vote was. While sadly 3rd party candidates have no chance of winning they can be 'spoilers'. H. Ross Peroit was a spoiler for J. Clinton.
While I understand Thom wanting to NOT see Trump elected I'm not willing to gloss over the serious shortcomings of HRC & Tim Kaine. I be one of many who'll hold my nose and vote for her but I refuse to believe her supposed move to the left and her selection of Kaine just proves more of Hillary's political expedient lip service towards the left.

magickagate's picture

Baser = Nader. Sorry about that. This site needs an edit button.

Louise's picture

I'm checking on the edit button - will let you know...


Hey you guys... I understand your concern over the general outcome of things, but I'm surprised that not too many are talking about our grassroots movement  to continue the "Revolution" that Bernie Sanders started. (a lady, a BERNIE'S supporter called Thom earlier to ask this same question, how to continue pressing on). We have the tools, the organization and the apparatus to accomplish it.  This is what gives us hope now and energizes us," The Plan."  We need all of you real progressives to join us, we need to completely change Congress. Go to "" ( Brand New Congress . Org) and find out how you can get involved. We need you. We can  accomplish it if we all work hard together. It's also on Facebook. 

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Gore lost the election because he could not even carry his home state of Tennessee, which should be a given.  A win there would have rendered Florida meaningless.

Coalage1's picture

Gore lost the election because he could not even carry his home state of Tennessee, which should be a given.  A win there would have rendered Florida meaningless.

overthehill's picture

Seems to me, media is ignoring everyone's position on trade policy

silentmonkeys's picture

Excellent piece.  I don't understand why so few otherwise smart, strategic Democrats and progressives aren't seeing the writing on the wall.  Bernie and Trump both hear what the people are saying (even if Trump has no intention of doing anything about it at the end of the day) - so why doesn't anyone else?  With apologies to No Country for Old Men:  "You can't stop what's comin' - it ain't all waitin' on you.  That's just vanity."

magickagate's picture

Silentmonkeys the problem is that both parties are infested with political insiders that are more concerned with promoting establishment politics as well as furthering their own political futures instead of listening to and promoting the will of the people. Both the DNC and the GOP need to do a complete house cleaning. The resignation of Wasserman-Shultz is just not enough. I think she left not only because of the firestorm that she created but that her political future now lies with Hillary. While some might say that Wasserman-Shultz's post of 'honorary' Chairperson carries no weight and has no power it smacks too deeply of rewards for services rendered. The Wiki-leaks emails confirm Wasserman-Shultz's attitudes and deeds along with her staff.
We can now only look 4 years ahead when we get the chance to be heard again and hopefully install a truly progressive in the presidency.

DaveInOregon's picture

To "Bernie or Bust" supporters who refuse to vote for Hillary,  I say  "you worked hard; you fought to make Bernie's policies a reality; you shed tears and maybe a little blood with blisters on your feet;you worked hard and with dedication, and now he continues to work hard for you.  He’s working to keep building and advancing the movement so that we can hold Hillary’s feet to the fire.  This is what you fought for . . -political revolution.  And to make his work and yours a success we have to have Hillary in the W.H. and not Trump or someone else. So if you wake up the day after the election and find Donald Trump in the White House, you will have thrown away all you worked for and you will have stiffed Bernie. All his work and yours for political revolution will come to a screeching end.  You will have accomplished nothing and forced the same on Bernie.  You will have let him down.”

We HAVE TO HAVE Hillary in the W.H. so that we can continue the political revolution Bernie started and continues to build.  You therefore need to vote for Hillary if you love Bernie and his policy proposals.

magickagate's picture

Well said. Sad but true. But realize that in 4 years Hillary is very likely to face a challenger in her reelection bid. Especially if the policies that we progressives hold dear and the country do badly needs. If Hillary does wind up embracing TPP as many of us suspect she and her running mate Tim Kaine truly do then we liberals will not forget it. What angers us is the way that we have been and continue to be treated. We are truly tired of the mess in DC and we know in our hearts that this country could be in much better shape. You're correct that we have worked hard and given much but we feel so DEEPLY BETRAYED by the very party that calls it's self democratic. Reading those emails not only confirmed our long held suspicions but it was like a knife being twisted in our hearts to be told that we now have to fall in line like good little Dems. We feel that the attitude of the DNC is both patronizing and condescending regardless of how much we know we now have no choice but to follow a candidate that we not only don't believe in nor trust. Yes we do believe in the cause and that it is bigger than just Bernie. That the movement must continue to grow and for us to build on what we have learner and achieved. We hopefully put Hillary in the WH but WE WILL CLOSELY WATCH ALL SHE DOES AND HOLD HER ACOUNTABLE. We progressives now know we can't trust the DNC. Unless the DNC does a complete housecleaning including all those involved with those emails we progressives will never give them our backing again.