The Hispanic Paradox: Why do Latinos Live Longer?

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magickagate's picture

I grow angry every time I read some study telling me that I could be healthier if I just at better food. As someone born into poverty and despite my efforts has stayed poor it's just enough of a struggle to AFFORD to eat! These studies do nothing to take into account the food deserts that encompass many areas. This study tries to present an argument that while Hispanics are poor they still are healthier all because they ate beans. Get real!!! In most poor neighborhoods the beans come processed in cans. Most poor neighborhoods don't have access to lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and when you combine that with the massive stresses that come with poverty and daily victimization that comes from institutional racism as well as pollution and lead-taintef water it then becomes laughable if not down right insulting to suggest that a simple dietary change/addition will really bring longevity. Consider the lives of impoverished brown and black people then ask yourself if living a longer life of oppression rejection exclusion and deprivation is really desirable? This article's attitude smacks of oblivious white middle class privledge.

Louise's picture

You didn't listen to the vid.

Everything you said was addressed and much of what you are saying just isn't true - sorry - try listening to something new before you go off.

It doesn't natter if it's canned or fresh or according to this report. 

This vid has nothing to do with middle class priviledge and we will continue to talk about health issues - because there are issues that help us all to be healthier.

Just so you know - your anger doesn't stop us from having a conversation or putting up a great vid or story

magickagate's picture

Louise I've eaten various beans for years but recently only started to look at the LABELS. The amount of salt in many canned vegatables is incredible!
And just so you know people at least in my area don't go to the better supermarkets. They can't afford to and as a result even the canned goods are not as good and not as healthy as many brands you find in major supermarkets. Trust me there is truth in the saying 'you get what you pay for '. As for food deserts they do exist and can have an astounding effect on the population's health. I've had to deal with the fact that I cant afford many fruits and vegatables and not having had them in my diet has had a deviating effect on my health. But what are people like me to do?
And Louise I'm not angry about you putting up such a story. If anything I applaude your healthy ways and your devotion to try to raise inmportant health issues. It's the results of the study I seriously call into question. How many times have we the public been tricked by faulty studies? Remember the one that said a high fiber diet reduces high blood cholesterol levels and then years later another study found that not to be true? I was one of those who went on a high fiber diet and my cholesterol didn't budge. I felt seriously angered and betrayed because this is my health we're dealing with. But in the meantime the folks who sell oatmeal made lots of money from me.
Louise you're one of the few who truly cares without having your hand out or having a moneymaking agenda. Lots of people in the research field can't honestly say that when they're funded by big corporations and universities all of whom need to make money.

Louise's picture

Thanks for your kind words & for participating....

magickagate's picture

Louise I went back and looked at that video again plus looked up some of those studies and I noticed something. They were talking about DRY BEAN consumption not canned. There is a big difference in the two. Everyone knows that dried beans are healthier for you but they are a major headache to soak and then cook. And even though I'm sure there are folks who do it most people aren't going to be bothered soaking and cooking beans after working and 8 hour job plus possible overtime and then battling traffic on the way home. It's even worse if your job requires you to be on your feet constantly like factory work or waitressing.
It would be nice to take advantage of the benefits of extra bean consumption but with the demands of our society and the often limited types of dried beans available in some areas I fear that this is something that sadly won't benefit most Americans.

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