A billion birds have vanished from North America

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Stephanie's picture

Thank you for sharing this. To lose the Wood Thrush feels especially demoralizing to me...it has such a gentle face and a magical song. They are very vulnerable to cat predation becasue they nest near the ground. Now that cats are the most popular pet in America, keeping pet cats indoors is one very, very easy, direct step people can take to help birds survive. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, domestic cats are one of the wort invasive species on the planet, and a huge threat to biodiversity that, somehow, few people seem to be aware of: https://abcbirds.org/program/cats-indoors/cats-and-birds/

Louise's picture

Thanks for your important comment.

We keep our cats inside and have once we figured out how bad cats were for small critters and birds. The day my cat brought home a chipmonk about 15 years ago - I've kept all my cats inside since then. I've always built them an outdoor cat run where ever we moved so they can "see" the outside but not mess with it.

overthehill's picture

cats cant compare to humans as a threat to birds- habitat destruction and collions with buidigns are many orders of magnitude higher than cat predation.  Keep your cat inside if you like, but it won't matter to the bird population. 

dwayne's picture

Are you serious? A billion birds have disappeared from North America since 1970. I read about it at best dissertation.com too. Omg!! what is happening where are they all just going to.