Air pollution deaths expected to rise because of climate change

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Respect Our Planet's picture
Respect Our Planet

Thom, You fail to mention a big contributor to greenhouse gases and a cause of many local community disagreements. Back yard fire pits have exponentially appeared in subdivision yards and cities such as mine allow the burning from 7am-midnight 365 days per year. It causes personal health problems and is bad for the environment but the local city councils see it as a popularity issue for them and refuse to address it. We need to end this unnecessary practice that puts many of the same particulates that come from cigarettes into our lungs and eyes. There are some great articles written about this obnoxious and barbaric practice. The people in my city have zero days allowed to breathe fresh air or leave our windows open when the weather cools. Please take a look at these links. If you prefer not to open links, please look up Utah Doctors and Scientists against wood smoke. and a Facebook account under Take-Back-The Air (based in Minnesota) Please start to mention backyard fires when addressing climate change and pollution. 

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