Doctors group: climate change threatens public health across the nation

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There is help for Lyme Disease, don't give up!  Tick bite in 1962 (before Lyme's discovery) CA in the Sierra Mountains horseback riding.  After completely given up trying to get a diagnosis/treatment from doctor to doctor and insurance to insurance for 6 years, Dec. 2016 my husband forced me to go outside our Insurance coverage for care.  1-1/2 years ago we had I-geneX lab blood test that showed Lyme Disease was the cause of my complete melt down on 3/10/11, all Western Blot and ELISA showed negative so Infectious Disease Dr. would not treat saying I-geneX is a "phony lab"  even though it's used all around the world.

After only 2 visits at Restoration Healthcare, Irvine Dr. Bakman & Dr. Raleigh prescribed Rx drops, detox, epsom salt soaks, membrane stabilizing power drink, plus finding the need for Prism Glasses (1 wk of wearing) my life has been turned around.  Prism Glasses for some reason helped with the horrible fatigue & insomnia, drops & detox helped with brain fog, mirgaines, hands, arms & back pain.  Dr. Raleigh has Lyme Disease herself and we found her though  search for LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor), most Infectious Disease Doctors have no idea what is happening to us.  Since it's only been 7 wks of treatment, don't know if this is just a Lyme Cycle or not, yet hope has returned, I've not felt this great in 17 years!!!

By the way, all of the testing needed to provide a diagnosis/treatment of lyme disease accepts Medicare and is not covered under HMO insurance some may be covered under PPO, unfortunately I haven't reached the age for Medicare yet so we pay $18,500 a year for insurance that covers none of my treatments.  We have Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for the Health Insurance Cartel, this needs to change.

Restoration Healthcare at:


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