Does No One Care That 7 Million Votes Were Not Counted?

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The currently established human hierarchies will eventually have to face the new technical reality that large human hierarchies are no longer necessary in order to perform the communication, trust validation, energy distribution, production, and product distribution which enable mass production, that amazing business process which tends to drive the marginal unit prices of products toward zero, which in turn means that a large-but-stabilized world population could all share in the wealth.   We could theorectically now make enough stuff for everybody, if we don't let the populace go to infinity and beyond on limted soil.  (Sorry, Bud Lightyear, but it takes humor to survive all of the abundant foolishness.)

Still, those atop the old-school "pyramids of people" are myopic in their self interests, or at least act as if they were.  Many Democrats tend to believe that the wealthy-donor game (enabled by things like Citizens United) will continue endlessly; so that the fact that many poor people have inadequately maintained voting machines at their "disposal" or are being "sucker-punched" out of their right to vote in any meaningful way (with contrived and unannounced lists) are not where their sweet little party heads are.  Perhaps they erroneously think that the these particular plights of the economically disadvantaged are simply hopeless, at least in terms of politicians whom they like being elected.

In today's entrenched two-parties-are-as-good-as-none-at-all American world, either you are with the GOP (the Gargantuan Oligarchic Party) or (as America's Lawyer says) the MVP (the Martha's Vinyard Party).  Dear Billionaires: "Buy two parties now!  You can't go wrong!"

But of course, neither of these two parties are much about democracy any more, they are about a tipsy, wealth-sailing republic, with oligarchs bleary-eyed at the helm.

History is filled with tales of the downtrodden ascending the stairs and the old guard thereby descending, head over heels. It may come as a surprise to some, but history has not as yet ended.

Machines can now do trust-validation, communication, automated production, and product distribution without many people being directly involved.  Once that cat gets out of the bag to commonplace people, the old jig is up.  Yet, much like most of humanity, the worshippers of oligarchies tend not to consider the latest-known realities until those realities rudely smack them in the face.  White hat hackers are writing open source software that can facilitate a new way of the world in a futuristic commonwealth.

 Despite what the Bible says about the poor always being among us, a lot can change in two millenia.  Whether, as a personal choice, you may now trust in Jesus or in machines as yet to be networked together, "the times, they are a-changin'."  

You may despair that there is nothing new under the sun, but most of the scientists who have ever lived are still hard at work on hope and change in that very regard.. Stay tuned.  The future is inbound so fast now, if you sneeze, you might miss it's inauguration.

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