The Entire South is Going "Right To Work" For Less

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Arrgy's picture

Is everyone aware of the Federalist Society?

These are the rich people, behind the curtain, that give the right, fascist judges, tax cuts for the rich and their marching orders. Everything unconstitutional because they hate it.  Everything they want, the right gives them. How do we get them out in the open and point our fingers at them? because, if we don't, it's business as usual.

shellinaya's picture

Interesting question about right to work laws. I have a question of my own. In light of the revelations of Russia hacking, why is Thom Hartmann still using RT (Russian propaganda TV) to disseminate his opinion show? Is he secretly pro-Putin or pro-Trump? You can't use a propaganda channel for Russia and complain seirously about Russian hacking and fake news, when you are on their platform. Have you ever discussed this in your show?

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