Get Ready for an Internet That’s Closer to China Than Europe

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Karyn's picture

Regarding the conversation today on your program about air pollution from fossil fuels causing damage to people, my husband, a professor of biochemistry at UNC-CH school of medicine, showed me an article on damage to the brain caused by pollution.  The article: The Polluted Brain by Emily Underwood in the current SCIENCE magazine. 27 January 17 - Vol 355 - issue 6323.

In the article stunning results were shown of neurological damage to mice from inhaling the air near LA's I-10 freeway.


SolandS23's picture

This ban rule issued by Trump is really not cool.  Imagine being push away from a country that you intend to serve after your studies is like a slap in your face.  Students from Prime Writings review are not afraid for their future career.


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