Gun waiting periods could save hundreds of lives a year, study says

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Ow Bist UK's picture
Ow Bist UK

Anything which reduces the number of guns in circulation can't be a bad thing. Adding a bit of 'treacle' to the acquisition process should certainly reduce impulse purchases and reckless use of firearms. Here in the UK notionally anyone can own at least a shotgun ... but the legal approval process is so slow (months) and awkward it puts off all but the keenest gun fans. The storage restrictions then continue to 'slow down' gun use ... all guns have to be locked up when at home. Surprise unannounced police inspections ensure that you don't get in the habit of having a loaded gun under the bed. Seems to work well - I can shoot, but obtaining a gun and then legally retaining it is a slow, hindering process. As a result gun deaths in the UK are very, very rare.

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