Hartmann Report Podcast - Stop Being Afraid Of Big Government

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Milosia's picture

Heres my take on the WTC 9/11/01

this was not a personal attack on America. It was actually a .....Robbery. And an insurance scam.

The part of 9/11 that no one can imagine discussing in public, the contents of the World Bank or otherwise known as g o l d. For what I find to read about is sketchy at best. Why were heavy duty dump trucks caught in the tunnel moving gold out. Where was it going, who took it , who benefitted the most, why such a big secret? 

Before you can believe the truth  about 9/11 you are first required to believe the lie. Much easier after that.

mikemonte61@gmail.com's picture

I have been contemplating a macro view of the world today and believe some of you may be able to help me refine a few concepts.

I am of the belief that most world issues may be the result of global over-population and I believe that this is preserved by the global corporation due to greed. One example that comes to mind is when a region exceeds the carrying capacity local factions begin to argue over available natural resources. In steps, the Military Industrial Complex and sells both sides weapons. In a relative short period of time both the warring factions and civilians are killed or migrate and the population is brought back within the carrying capacity of the region. Other examples include the impact of 7 + Billion people on climate change or other causes of both global or regional concerns. Is there a single issue that cannot be solved or minimized by reducing the overall population?

Since the beginning of man, nature has controlled the human population thru starvation and disease… We as a race no longer allow this… Are we playing God? Ebola was the perfect example of how nature controls population and how we refuse to recognize this natural concept.  

We, as humans have a challenging time understanding issues that are beyond our lifetimes. I do believe that you can understand this concept. All is not lost. I believe the big picture is that sometime in the relative near future humans will realize that the global population can be reduced thru attrition.

In 100 years all 7 billion people will have moved on. Relative is the key term here.

I believe it will be at least 100 to 300 years before humans evolve to this realization. The impact we can have today is to understand that the work we do today and in our lifetimes, may have a substantial impact on this 100-300-year timeline. Someone who starts the discussion about reducing the global population may be viewed by history as an important figure by recognizing the solution. Be informed that the global corporation recognize that there are great profits in exploiting overpopulation.

Can you contribute to this concept?  

Thank you for your time. 

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