Have the Democratic Superdelegates Been Compromised?

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mstaggerlee's picture

I believe that the major motivation for the so-called superdelegates (many, if not most, of whom are also running for office, or hope to be, this November) to pledge their support to Hillary is fear of winding up on the Clinton Machine's "list". If that sounds somewhat Nixonian, consider the uncomfortable situation those who fail to do so (or are perceived, by the machine, to have done so "too late") may find themselves in if Hillary does become the nominee and President.  Senator Sanders doesn't have that kind of reputation, and will welcome the early Hillary pledgers with open arms at any point in the campaign.

blueparx's picture

Fair would be to have states like California go first. 

The voters in NH, and SC, like the caucus-goers in Iowa are already like super-voters.

The national parties rig the process.

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