How To Train White People Not to Fear Black People

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Barb Keith's picture
Barb Keith

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO outraged at what's happening to people of color!!!!!!! I work with many black people and if I think of them being in a position where they are just going about their daily activities and then they end up getting shot, it sickens me, is outrageous and hurts my heart. White people MUST join the fight to change what is happening in this country. We need to get rid of the radical, white xenophobic politicians that are perpetuating institutionalized racism.



This morning (Friday), and our cast is delayed one day, I think, on KPFK--Tom dismissed a caller rapidly as the caller pointed out the hypocricy of Starbucks working with the ADL to some extent on their racism education project (where they are closing stores soon). The ADL is directly connected to Israel--the racist, Apartheid nation. Why did Hartmann dismiss the caller without discussion?

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Is this true what you are talking in this article. I don`t think so why white people must be trained man. Not all blacks are bad people. My fellow writer in thesis writing help uk blog is also a black person, who is very good friend of mine. I did not take any training for myself and I don`t have any fear when I am talking with him.

Fergus's picture

unfortunately, black people only make up 13 % of the population but commit 52 percent of murders. 

The initial rape statistics from the Department of Justice during the Obama administration show approximately 20,000 black on white rapes per year. The number of white on black rapes is so low that it's not even listed. Now please don't tell me that Eric Holder is a white racist. On top of that Blacks commit about 20,000 black on black rapes and is probably grossly underrepresented due to the snitches get stitches noncooperation with police. Now African-American women are only 6% of the population while European-American women are 30%. In every other respect decent law-abiding African-Americans are terrorized by their own criminal subculture which does more damage in one year than the Ku Klux Klan did in 150 years.
 As far as interracial violence is concerned per capita the black on white or Asian violence rather than vice versa is astronomical. I would love to take some of you folks who haven't grown up in these areas and drop you off to Inglewood, Oakland, or Bedford Stuyvesant and see how you fare walking down the street at night.

These two real estate agents were dressed in sweat clothes not in  business suits, calling the police was over-the-top for sure but I'd love to see the closed circuit video which we never will say without there being a subpoena for it in a civil case to see exactly what the actual communication between these two gentlemen and the manager. Now from a legal standpoint if she let them use the bathroom and then later denied it to some other nonpaying customer she would but the company in jeopardy and perhaps get fired for noncompliance to company rules. 

I can guarantee you there have been people that were non members of minorities who have been denied access to bathrooms because they were patrons I've seen it more than once. I feel sorry for anyone who considers themselves a white person there is no such places white land and nobody speaks whitish. Neither are there people of color as another hopeless distraction and abstraction. The idea that somehow and Hispanic of mostly European descent, or a working-class Mexican, or an affluent Cuban, or a Chinese or Japanese American share some identity as people of color is nonsense. In fact in our prisons, we have to separate not only the Latinos from the whites and Blacks but in some cases from each other.

Of course, the CEO of Starbucks quickly threw the manager under the bus because the CEOs of corporations are generally moral invertebrates of course compared to college Presidents they are a pride of Lions. Incidentally, since we are now differentiating European-American men from European American women as minorities than so-called white men only makes up 30% of the population. Since when did 30% make up a majority of anything?

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Regarding your 'record police' comment. I have heard such 'driver cams' are very common in Russia, because many people get stopped and accused of nonsense things as the police ask for bribes. They record the driver, your speed (dash) and anyone standing at your window.

So maybe we need to start IMPORTING these from Russia :-)

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