Is John Lewis Standing on the Wrong Side of History?

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LiberalTalkingPoints's picture

Unmentioned in the article, but relevant now:

At the time that John Lewis is criticizing Bernie for not being involved in civil rights, Hillary Clinton was supporting Barry Goldwater, an unabashed conservative who voted agaist the civil rights act.  In those days, the parties were somewhat muddled as to which one best represented civil rights.   John Lewis' recent comment saying he never saw Bernie during those days of marching and violence is ironic at best and at worst, slightly ignorant, contrasted with Hillary Clinton's politics back then.

blueparx's picture

50 years ago was a long time ago.  People change.

People evolve. 

Clinton or Sanders are better than 2016's Republican alternatives. 

LiberalTalkingPoints's picture

Absolutely.  Yet, in advocating for your candidate, please do not denigrate your candidates opponent in the primary.  Lewis could have stuck with Clinton's civil rights record (whatever it is) but instead chose to imply that something is wrong with Bernie's past.  That was not helpful.

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