Let’s Stop Calling It Free Stuff & Use Taxes For What We the People Need…

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Louise's picture

I'd gladly pay $500 more in taxes to get single payer for all. I already pay much more just in deductables. Wouldn't you?

TrevorCDem's picture

I agree 100% 

Vito Caputo's picture
Vito Caputo

The traction gained from the question "How will he pay for it?" and the "We can't afford it" meme,,, is actually a reflection on the quality of our public education (K-12)... and the amount of aspartame Americans consume.

Rather than putting your money into a bunch of greedy off-shore tax avoiding corporation piggy banks... put that same money (or less)  into the not-for-profit corporation of which you are a shareholder.  It's called MY Government.  If you get better product by investing in the National Treasury... do these people think it's more patriotic to give it to a corporation?  You can easily demonstrate this concept with a bunch of Mason Jars.

The problem is these people vote.

LiberalTalkingPoints's picture

Bernie's plan to fund single payer raises taxes 2.2% for all folks, but added increases kick in for +$250k earners.  Compare your insurance and healthcare bills to a 2.2% increase in your taxes. Easy choice for me...

Vito Caputo's picture
Vito Caputo

Hey @LiberalTalkingPoints... Show me your numbers.  I need to calculate your income to see where you are —economically— in relationship to the vast majority of US households. 

Without knowing that... I can't really place a truth value on what you're throwin' down... and I'm not about to step in it unitl I know who's throwin' it down.

Keep up the good work... and thanks for playing.

LiberalTalkingPoints's picture

Sorry, I know what I pay for taxes and health coverage and it's not my responsibility to give you the break down of my personal finances.  It makes sense for me to vote for Bernie and his plan to eliminate my healthcare costs.  I don't need your opinion on whether or not it saves me $$ thank you very much. I learned math in elementary school and it does save me quite a bit.  You can review the plan to fund Bernie's issues on his website.  https://berniesanders.com/issues/medicare-for-all/

blueparx's picture

People may not want to give up their private insurance.  There may be less personal options. 

Vito Caputo's picture
Vito Caputo

Either I'm losing it... or your post was ambiguous.  I thought you were coming from the other side.  Sorry for being aggressive.

skip's picture

Agree completely, most people who are against Single Payer don't understand it.

blueparx's picture

Taxes are funny.  What if money is just an adjustable set of bits in some big computer?   :)

The government controls the dollar. i.e., ... they print en mass the money we use,  mostly.   Modern monetary theory says, as I understand it, that the government does not -necessarily- use taxes for anything. 

LiberalTalkingPoints's picture

The article stated a .2% increase and that is not accurate as described from the BernieSanders.com site.  I was concerned mostly with quoting the actual proposed 2.2% increase from Bernie's site.

Yet there is reason to be ambiguous and it is that your income level really matters vis a vis Bernie's plan to fund his proposals.  I would not expect +$250k earners to buy into his plan with added taxes that kick in.  It's not necessarily an obvious choice.  I see lots of doubtful comments that the funding of Bernie's proposals will mean added taxes on middle and lower income earners.  While it's true, it's only a total of a 2.2% increase.  I think most folks in this bracket will save at least $500 a year if they rarely see a doctor, while those more tied in with healthcare would save much more.

Rick Forbes's picture
Rick Forbes

Money is just a medium of exchange, a dollar has no real value on it's own. The real value resides in the product or service that is being exchanged. The only value a dollar has is relational, it has value in relationship with other international currencies and that is it. Taxes are important to keep the money flowing in our local economies, in the communities where we all live and the majority of us work. Taxes should incentivize a healthy local economy which creates a stable and sustainable broad based overall domestic economy from the botton up. Taxes should keep a healthy proportion of capital circulating around our communities where we live before it becomes trapped and extracted by the global economy. Sometimes taxes are a good thing.  

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