Media Blackout As Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters March in 45 Cities

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SteveBruleMD's picture

Alright, I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but hear me out.

Last week we had the Bernie arrest photos come out, but his name didn't trend at all on Twitter, even though it was being shared every few milliseconds.


Fast forward to #WhichHillary which still is trending, it died off really fast.


Then we had #MarchForBernie. Every few milliseconds a new tweet would come out. Nothing.


I have proof for the March for bernie one. Here's the timeline that was live. I watched it for a good 15 minutes, it updated ever second.


Then this guy started trending. The tweets for him were on average about 3 mins or more apart.


I'm not sure if you're able to tell anyone in the Bernie camp, or maybe talk about this on the air. I just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for doing what you're doing. I really appreciate it.



SteveBruleMD's picture

Oh, I did happen to find this. Apparently Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) speaks sometimes at Clinton Foundation.

There was a rumor that he's fundraising for her, but I don't have any sources. I'm going to go with rumor until verified.

SueN's picture

Fascinating. Here's what Twitter says about trends and here's an article on the topic of censorship

Joseph Segal's picture
Joseph Segal

We lack a cohesive communication strategy and network. I'm an activist tuned into the Sanders campaign and our political revolution and well I learned of the march for bernie day after it happened. We cannot depend on tools created by the same corporate entities who benefit from our disastrous status quo, they WILL be used against us!

Everyone needs to opt into a Text reminder service call it RevoText or whatever but it should send out a text to one's phone when national days of acton are taking place (A month and a week and a day before). Put out the world on Reddit or wherever you can to coders to create this please! 

If everyone who uses it puts it a buck a piece it can fund it.

Also, we have to do these marches every month!
Each month we can do it on one of Bernie's proposals like Medicre4All or Free Public College.
And they marches should include marching ON the Corporate Media's headquarters CNN MSNBC ABC etc.

The REVOtext System can be used to Remind millions to show up both for Primary Votes and the Genral Election!

Thom's picture

 It's going to be fascinating to see if this  Twitter controversy turns out to be grounded in reality or not. If so, it's a huge story; although it probably won't be told until after November…    This is the online equivalent of media consolidation in the radio and TV world… 

RustyBerns's picture

We had a great march here in Asheville, NC. There were a couple of local reporters snapping some pictures, but generally not much coverage. We still did our thing and were supported by some local progressive politicians. The weather was awesome and a good time was had by all. Overall a great reception from the people on the streets. Here's hoping we deliver North Carolina for Sen. Sanders!

SueN's picture

Good luck! Early voting starts tomorrow, I think. 

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