The Past 5 GOP Presidents Have Used Fraud and Treason to Steer Themselves to Electoral Victory

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Great article EXCEPT NOT A WORD on "Blackbox voting" ie the hacking of voting machines. What are you thinking Thom? At the same time you highlight the hacking of the same machines last week (in minutes) at the Las Vegas show...


REMEMBER: the difference between exit polls and actual results show without ambiguity that Clinton won the 4 swing states thus gaving her an unambiguous VICTORY at the electoral college level. Here is but ONE reference :


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I lived in Naples, FL in 2000.  My father in law was very senior in the maintenance department for Collier County, FL.  Every election, his guys pulled the local voting machines out of the basement and adjusted them.  In 2000, the machines were sent out of state for "adjustment" instead of using local staff.  My FIL being a perfectionist, he tested them and found every machine would either not punch the hole or leave hanging chads on the Democratic side of ballots.  They re-adjusted all the machines.  In August, just before the election, Mary Morgan, county manager of elections, "retired". My FIL knew her, knew she loved her job, and asked why she was quitting.  Mary Morgan told him that for 25 years she had assured fair elections and she was resigning rather than follow orders to cheat.  Collier County is 80% Republican so there was no reason to cheat.  I remember that year something like 12 county manager of elections resigned in August, 8 Repubs and 4 Dems.  I remember when Gore declined the recount demanded by state law.  While in the end, the SCOTUS violated the US Consitution and threw the election to the loser, clearly, cheating was widespread, and not just the Repubs. 

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Comment supporting Louise => Everyone, please read "the Making of Donald Trump".  The writer gathered the material while monitoring the implementation of casinos in Atlantic City.  He wasn't interested in Trump, but BECAME interested in Trump as Trump techniques were applied to casinos.  The book is short, if memory serves 210 pages of which 70 are bibliography so you can check every fact.  What stuck in my mind are three things.  1.  The ENTIRE Trump family are real estate grifters, read about the San Diego/Mexico grift run by Ivanka and Don.  2.  Trump is definitely organized crime.  Not street prostitution, drug running, guns and murder, but defintely organized crime.  3.  The Trumps really don't have any idea about morailty and ethics.  They truly believe that if you can grab an old lady's purse, it's her fault for making it possible.

I actually think that the Trumps are "playing by the rules" - their rules - criminal rules - they simply don't have the same rules as civilized society and cannot fathom why other people do.  A perfect example of this is the constant leaking of information that ONLY the inner circle could possibly have access to.  I'd bet dollars to donuts that the entire family is quite happy with this, as the goal is to prove to the don, not "THE DONALD" that they are the most ruthless family member and should be the next don.  The winner is the one with the least number of knives in their back when the music stops - and I'm CERTAIN this family has been this way since childhood.  Notice that while they attack each other via leaks, face to face they are family - they undoubtedly CONGRATULATE each other after each stabbing.  They will agree that anyone who leaves them open to a knife deserves the knife and they would sneer at a family member who passed up an opportunity to stab another.  

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