Should Progressives Celebrate Trump's Latest Trade Pick?

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Reframe This

Dear Thom,

I have heard good things about you for a long time, but it was only after the election that I located freespeechtv online and started listening to you through my laptop.  I have enjoyed your programs very much as both political and intellectually stimulating in other ways!   I have recommended you to my like-minded friends.  

I have a concern that I would like you to address in some appropriate way.  This concern is related to sponsorship or whatever relation your program has with RT and Sputnik radio.  When I noticed that (as I noticed with Ed Schultz re RT) I was concerned, and I assumed that you would have addressed the situation somewhere on the website, etc., but I haven't been able to find anything other than a general statement that you have complete editorial control.  I just called in and the guy who answered the phone said that he was not aware of a place where you have addressed this situation.  

I just finished listening to the Senate hearing that Senator John McCain held today, and RT was clearly identified by Clapper, I believe, as a propaganda organ of the Russian government.  Even if you have complete editorial control over the program, with no interference from RT, my concern is that the fact that you are associated with them in some way will delegitimize YOU and your ideas.  

Could you do a program about this, or post a statement in some appropriate place?  

Best wishes

shellinaya's picture

Why is Thom using RT?? It's a Russian propaganda channel and his show is on it. What are we supposed to conclude from that? I know Thom supported Bernie and Hillary, but using RT looks really bad . . . .

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