There is No "alt right" There are Fascists and There's Us!

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Aordd69's picture

Denouncing all extremists and violence by both Antifa and Neo Nazi, white supremacist is the way to go. It broke my heart seeing this program support extremism of Antifa and black block. I've been long time listener and supporter of the show but this may have to end. Did you not read rise of the 3rd Reich? If you support the brown or the red shirts you lose either way.


I listen in the morning on my local radio station and Phone podcast off hours so I can't call in because I work but I hope you read this.

Jareth Copus's picture
Jareth Copus

Although you make a valid point, how else do you wish to oppose these extremists?  Denouncement has done little since the fall of the Third Reich to quell the reestablishment of a fascist party.  The only way to counter their ideology is to combat it directly with equal if not more severe force.  Nazism is not something that will go away by ignoring it or talking about it, it must be activly destroyed piece by piece.  Time has only helped prove this.

carolwright865's picture

Did you not read ascent of the third Reich? Denouncement has done little since the fall of the Third Reich to control the restoration of a rightist gathering. website

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