Thom Hartmann: The America I Knew Has Almost Disappeared

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Thom, have you contacted the Attorney General in Oregon and the equivalent in D.C.?  We had a problem with moving companies here in NM holding peoples’ belongings hostage until they were paid more money.  The Attorney General prosecuted them and issued an alert.  

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The America I grew up in has almost gone away.  The state where I grew up was solidly democratic during the period from the 1950's through the 1990's.  Our state legislature was in control of the democrats for over 80 years in a row.   When I was growing up, in a lot of houses, it was a common sight to see three pictures on the bigger one in the middle surrounded by two smaller ones on either side.  The one on the left was probably Franklin Roosevelt...the president who guided the country through the great depression and WWII.  The picture on the right was John L. Lewis...the great labor leader of the UMWA who fought and won better wages, working conditions, and pensions for the miners.  Whose picture, the biggest, was in the middle?  Of course, it was Jesus Christ.  Yes, thats right. Religion was still a moving force in most people's lives, even for democrats.  Men and women who were in love were encouraged to get married, not to live together, and they tried to find reasons to make a marriage work instead of finding a reason to divorce.  If the woman happened to get pregnant, you definitely got married and you had the baby.  Most of the time, the alternative was not considered a viable option.  Although there was alcohol and drug abuse back then, it did not seem nearly as prevalent as today.  But slowly, over time, the democratic party changed.  Instead of maintaining focus on the things that drew the country and its people together, they started focusing on things that drew people apart.  Sex, gender, and the environment somehow became more important than family, jobs, and education.  The democratic party began to take the poor and the middle class for granted.  As a result, they slowly started to lose elections that once were considered sure things.  This has now culminated in the election of Donald Trump.  How bad has the democratic brand become where a well-known democratic mainstay could lose a presidential election to a real estate mogul and TV entertainer?  A lot of democrats want to blame white supremacy.  Hogwash!  Many voters in flyover country who supported Obama in the two previous elections turned around this time and voted from Trump.  The democrats have to answer for that.   

What has happened to the democratic party in this country?  

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