Thom Hartmann: How Republicans Quietly Sabotaged Obamacare Long Before Trump Came into Office

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sheilach's picture

"Oboma" "care" is just "Romney care" repackaged, it's just another dam taxpayer giveaway to the private for PROFIT insurance companies.



Unlike every other advanced country we do not have universal health care, that's why millions of us suffer & many DIE each year because even though this is the RICHEST county the world has ever known, millions of us lack access to health care & that should be a  crime!

Thom, I wish you would stop blindly supporting those LYING, "BAIT & SWITCH"  "DEMOCRATS" ! They have been promising us single payer for decades but each time they get into power, we get NOTHING OF THE KIND!
DUMP "Oboma care", we need Medicare for all as a starter but we won't get that either because these two corrupt corporate parties feed from the same billionair trough, neither party represents we the living, breathing bleeding people, they just represent the RICH CORPORATE "PEOPLE".

Another problem is that these same greedy, lying corporations also totally own & control the entire "voting" system & they control most of the media, why does anyone believe the results of these so called "elections"? IMHO, their a FRAUD & I think people who believe the "results" are gulleble fools.
These corrupt fascist parties need to be DUMPED, we all need to stop voting for them with the exceptions of individual politicians who are trying to represent we the real people like one of my Sen. Ron Wyden & Congressman Peter Defazio.
I stopped "voting" for a "democratic" POTUS after Clintons first term, NAFTA, CAFTA & WTO was enough for me, I dumped the so called "democratic" party for good and so should everyone who claims to be a "progressive" & who cares about the fate of their neighbor, town & our precious planet. Dump the dam corrupt DNC!

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