The TPP would be the final death blow to American manufacturing | Economy In Crisis

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NoCorporatePersonhood's picture

This is exactly why we can not elect someone like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton anymore.  

Trump scares the hell out of me for many reasons.  His hate speech and actions (throwing those black students out for just sitting there!!) are appaling.  Any chance that Chris Christie will be his AG also a huge issue.  Christie is about as anti marijuana as you can get.  Would he increase raids into states that have legalized?

With that being said, he is saying all the right things about these trade agreements and he also has almost the same positions as Bernie when it comes to being the world's policeman and removing dictators.  

Feeling really depressed that we may have such terrible choices to make.  I still believe Bernie can win but if he doesn't....Wow just have no idea at this point what to do.  Can anyone make a case for Hillary without using fear tactics and also not sugar coating her policy positions?  


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