Trump 'plans' to be a gigantic ass at G-7 summit, according to his staff

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Comcast outage issue?

You were noting that there was a big outage for your phone services, etc. on your landlines.  I wonder if I personally had to deal with a symptom of perhaps their system being hacked yesterday morning.  I had a landline phone call (which I hardly ever get regular phone calls any more) yesterday morning around 9:00 AM in the morning.  I'm also in the Portland area as well.  A person said on the line that they were returning my phone call, which I never made to them, and didn't know that person at all.  Perhaps someone was finding a way to hack phone systems here yesterday to have their callerID masquerade as mine to call someone else?  If that was happening a lot yesterday morning, I could see why they might have shut it down to stop whatever activity was going on then.