The Very First American Settlers Arrived Much Earlier Than We Thought

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Read the excellent book "1491". It BLOWS AWAY what I was taught in school.   Some of the revelations are:

Cities existed in the Americas for CENTURIES before ice receded enough that humans could move to Europe
Right now, today there is no road from Alaska to Chile, because such a road would have to cross dozens of swamps, quite a few thick rain forests, and several massive mountain ranges.  Suggesting people WALKED to Chile from Siberia is ludicrous.
70 cities, each populated by hundreds of thousands of people, existed MILLENIA before the land bridge was accessible
Even if possible, walking from Siberia to Chile would take centuries, particularly if you have to hunt and gather, then carry supplies to get through swamps and over the Andes.
By canoe, you can paddle from Siberia to Chile in a few months, and carry LOTS of supplies in the canoe.
French would-be settlers gave up hope of settling New England when they found every inch of shoreline heavily populated by Native Americans from Nova Scotia to Massachusetts
The population of North America was roughly 110 million, yes 110 MILLION, in 1491
It is not in the best interest of a virus to kill the host - most fatal viruses are “cross-over” viruses that originated in, and don't kill, domesticated animals.
Since Europe had MANY domesticated animals, Europe also had numerous fatal cross-over viruses, so European immune systems were specialized in fighting viruses. After millenia of evolution, much of their resistance was genetic. 
The only domesticated animals Native Americans had were dogs.   The only “cross-over” disease dogs carry is rabies, which is not air-borne-contagious.
Lacking fatal viruses in the Americas, the immune system of Native Americans had basicaly ignored viruses and specialized to fight parasites. 
Not only did a higher percentage of Native Americans get sick, they didn’t develop immunity, so disease could sweep through the same community multiple times.
The history we are taught, that “America was empty”, isn’t a lie or cover-up
European diseases killed approximately 98% of Native Americans, most Native Americans met smallpox decades or centuries before they met Europeans, and by the time European settlers moved across the nation, it was empty.
The main vector for disease spread was Native Americans themselves. 
Advanced civilizations existed in north, central, and south America, mummifying rulers and building pyramids, thousands of years before Egypt.  Trade was dynamic and widespread – the Inca empire built more roads than the Roman Empire, by far.

Europeans and Indians of the time BOTH viewed sickness like injury, thinking it was "sent by magic" and not communicable.  Europeans had learned to quarantine sick people, but it was to avoid the magic.  Indian cultures believed the more people attended a sick person, the more likely the group could push out the bad magic. 

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Two more facts from the book 1491.

1.  Pre-columbian civilizations in Peru had completely eliminated hunger and unemployment.  No other civilization has done this.

2.  As part of keeping everyone working so they could afford food, the government launched road and building construction whenever unemployment arose.  Many cities along the Andes had 2 or 3 roads linking them, literally "the high road" and "the low road" and "the other road".  The government attitude was that since they are going to end up supporting the poor people, they might as well build something.

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