Why Is Obama Sabotaging Clinton?

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sheilach's picture

Oboma should sabotoge Hillery! She did NOT "win" the fraudulant "election" it was STOLEN FOR HER BY Debby Wasserman Shultz & by THE CORPORATE CONTROLLED DNC!

I will never "vote" for someone who "won" an "election" through FRAUD, Hillery is NOT the ligitimate candidate, Sen.Sanders actually WON the election IF all of our votes had been FAIRLY COUNTED.
You know what the definition of "stupid" is Thom? it's doing the same thing over & over again, like "voting" for someone in the two corporate controlled parties, & expecting change!!!
We need to DUMP these two corrupt, corporate parties & try to elect someone in another, "third" party. I fear that will be impossible given how CORRUPT our corporate controlled FAKE "elections" are.
How can we make any change through the "vote" when it's so dam clear that our "votes" are changed against our will, our party affiliation is changed without our permission or knowledge, our "votes" are hacked thanks to those corporate controlled "voting" machines, people were illegally disenfranchised, people were illegally removed from the voting rolls, people were sent to the wrong precincts, we do not have a real vote!
Europe dumped it's "voting" machines years ago when they discovered the votes were being switched & so should we!!

We do NOT have a "democracy" because our "votes" do not get counted fairly if at all.

We need another revolution, the "vote" is worthless!

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