World's Oceans Last Year Hit Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded... 'By Far'

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Ernie and Carol Larsen's picture
Ernie and Carol...

Hi Tom, I tried to call you today Jan. 29 but all lines were busy.  My concern was McConnell's try to limit abortions to 20 weeks.  This is one area with which I agree with Mitch, although I don't know the full content of the bill.  I seems to me that at 20 weeks the fetus is too close to viable to be killed without a very serious reason.  I also believe that the Democratic party needs to moderate its stand on unlimited, for-any-reason abortion, if for no other reason that it is costing them plenty of votes.  You can say that the GOP uses the abortion issue for cynical political purposes, and you would be mostly right.  There is a grey area here.  Since there is no clear conviction even by my Catholic Church on when ensoulment takes place, let's just say that we can give the benefit of this doubt to women during the first trimester of pregnancy.  After that, in my view, there had better be a darn good reason for terminating a human life.  A fetus, is, after all, a distinct human from the pregnant woman, and its right to survive should not be dependent on a whim or a second thought, especially in the second and third trimesters.  

Thom, your voice could be very influential in this thorny issue, and I hope you will consider talking more about this and not being totally on the side of groups such as Naral when it comes to abortion on demand.  Thanks, Tom

Carol Larsen 

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As hot as it may get, the best advice is to stay at home, keep your air conditioners on and if you can, then take leave from your work(only if you can). I will be take a week off from my essay perks work. Work is improtant but life is not worth risking life because if i am not alive how can i work?

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Elliot's picture

Hi, I'm posting here because I don't know how else to reach Thom or his team. Last year, there was a video of a white supremacist who got confronted by protesters, who then took off his shirt, and proclaimed, I'm just here for fun.

Thom did a coverage of this guy and he read a quote by some scholar that went something like you can debate a white supremacist, trying to understand them and trying to reason with them, but the nazis only use words/truths to advance their cause. Only liberals are bound by them, and when their core ideals are exposed, they will just go silent and smirk. It was all a joke. Debate is a liberal's game something like that. 

I've been feeling this sentiment so strongly these days talking to people, and I can't find the quote! Can someone please help me find what this quote was?

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