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Posted at Thom Hartmann on Feb. 9, 2018

Neoliberalism Is Creating a Mental Health Crisis

Meagan Day writing over at Jacobin magazine is quoting from a new study that was published in Psychological Bulletin written by Thomas Curran and Andrew Hill. And what this absolutely fascinating study found was behavioral and psychological changes in the American population, and these changes are most pronounced among people under 50, down into the end of the Millennials in particular, but it stretches right across the United States.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Feb. 6, 2018

The End Of Democracy Brought to You by Thatcher, Reagan and Trump

The corruption of small D democracy, the corruption of human rights, the corruption of civil rights, the destruction, actually, of civil and human rights, the destruction of the public sphere, the the deconstruction of government - or as Steve Bannon famously said, the deconstruction of the administrative state, in other words taking apart government.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Jan. 26, 2018

Net Neutrality Means You Can Have The Internet Your Way

The international order is changing as a result of populism, and I would argue that the populism is a response to the disintegration all around the world in developed countries of the middle class, as the predatory class, the over class, the top 1% keeps taking more and more and more.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Jan. 25, 2018

If we Don't Regulate Capitalism It Will Dismantle Democracy!

The New York Times has a piece by Max Fisher and Amanda Taub and it's a little video where they point out that over the last 200 years we've gone from basically no democracies in the world - or a couple, ours being one of the very first. At the time that the United States became a democracy in 1787, arguably, or even 1776, there were a few other countries that arguably were democratic, but not many.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Jan. 23, 2018

Why Isn't The The Growth Of White Right Wing Terrorists Being Seen as a Threat To Our Country?

The Southern Poverty Law Center is reminding us - and there was a great thread by SunLei over at Democratic Underground pointing this out, and thanks for the for the tip on that - that we're not paying attention to white right-wing terrorists in the United States. And they actually represent the greatest threat to this country right now. If you measure the number of people who've been killed by terrorists in the last 20 years, the vast the majority have been right-wing terrorists. Included in the list: