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Posted at Thom Hartmann on Dec. 19, 2017

The Spending Bill Charade

The tax bill is all about cutting income to the federal government and over a 10-year period the top one percent are going to gain five trillion dollars. The bottom 99 percent are going to lose three and a half trillion dollars. And the remaining one and a half trillion dollars will be added to the national debt.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Dec. 11, 2017

If The Rich Would Rather Leave than pay Taxes, Let Them

FDR had this to say about paying taxes:"Taxes, after all, are the dues that we pay for the privilege of membership in an organized society. And as society becomes more civilized, Government - national, State and local government - is called on to assume more obligations to its citizens.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Dec. 7, 2017

Who You Gonna Call.... Koch Busters!

Let me just give you some names.The House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Republican, and Nancy Pelosi get to appoint conferees, people who are going to be on the conference committee for the Republican tax scam.