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Posted at Buzzflash on Dec. 5, 2007

The Trial' By Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is one of the most complex writers of the past two centuries. Chronically disabled by health problems that may have arisen from his partnership in an asbestos company (or simply may have been TB and a weak constitution), he died just a month before his 41st birthday, leaving behind a large collection of unpublished and often-fragmentary works. Most of his fame as an author came after his death, when, against his wishes, his friend Max Brod -- to whom he'd entrusted his manuscripts before his death -- cleaned up a few, reassembled others, and published several, including "The Trial."
Posted at Buzzflash on Dec. 4, 2007

Eight O'Clock Ferry to the Windward Side By Clive Stafford Smith

If you were to ask the average American where the people currently being held in the US-run Guantanamo Bay concentration camps came from, most would tell you that they were Al Qaeda "fighters" who had been "captured on the battlefield." This myth has been repeated over and over again during the past six years -- and it's just that, a myth.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Dec. 3, 2007

An Interview with Michael Hutchison

Michael Hutchison has been a leader in the AVS / light and sound industry for many years. He has held several workshops and seminars, produced numerous recordings, and has written several books, including "Mega Brain Power: Transform Your Life With Mind Machines and Brain Nutrients" and "Megabrain: New Tools & Techniques for Brain Growth & Mind Expansion".
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Nov. 4, 2007

The story of Carl

How humans are affected by the legal doctrine that corporations should have 'human rights' such as the right to privacy that allows them to conceal knowledge of how deadly their products are...and what we can do about it.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Nov. 2, 2007

The Lost People

As you wise Native American elders here have shared, you know your roots. You know the languages of your great-grandmothers, from before the White Europeans arrived and murdered your people and stole their lands.
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Nov. 2, 2007

America’s First Anti-Globalization Protest

The Boston Tea PartyI shall therefore conclude with a proposal that your watchmen be instructed, as they go on their rounds, to call out every night, half-past twelve, “Beware of the East India Company.”
Posted at Thom Hartmann on Nov. 2, 2007

America’s First Anti-Globalization Protest: The Boston Tea Party

Now that Bush administration Treasury Secretary and former Alcoa CEO Paul O’Neill has publicly called for the complete elimination of all corporate income taxes (and the elimination of Social Security), many people are wondering if history is repeating itself in a way that may be particularly dangerous for democracy.