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Posted at Truthout on Dec. 2, 2012

Reagan's "Welfare Queen" FOUND!

Good news everyone, after more than thirty years of searching by the news media, Ronald Reagan’s infamous “Welfare Queen” has finally been found. She lives in Bentonville, Arkansas.
Posted at Truthout on Dec. 1, 2012

Obama Breaks the Golden Rule on Drones

One day after his re-election President Obama ordered yet another drone strike in Yemen, killing an alleged al-Qaeda operative. In the process, our nation’s moral standing in the world was further downgraded.
Posted at Truthout on Nov. 30, 2012

Obama's FCC Set to Give Rupert Murdoch a Media Monopoly

Unsatisfied with his media empire in the UK and Australia and his several media holdings in the United States likeTheWall Street Journal, theNew York Post, and Fox News, Rupert Murdoch wants more. He wants a media monopoly.
Posted at Truthout on Nov. 28, 2012

Goldman Sachs' Global Coup D'etat

When the people of Greece saw their democratically elected Prime Minister George Papandreou forced out of office in November of 2011 and replaced by an unelected Conservative technocrat, Lucas Papademos, most were unaware of the bigger picture of what was happening all around them.
Posted at Alternet.org on Nov. 27, 2012

America Didn’t “End” Slavery After the Civil War -- We Simply Exported It

One of the most enduring myths we love here in America is that we ended our involvement with slavery after the Civil War. While our Founders – people like Thomas Jefferson, who wrote “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence but owned slaves himself – were tarnished, morally imperfect hypocrites, in our modern era, we tell ourselves, we’ve risen above that. We are pure! We’re no longer tainted by slavery!
Posted at Truthout on Nov. 27, 2012

Walmart’s Hunger Games

Every year after Thanksgiving, the nation’s wealthy elite, still fat-bellied from turkey and cornbread stuffing, tune in to their local news outlets and observe what has become an annual tradition of bloodletting and frenzied consumerism.
Posted at Common Dreams on Nov. 22, 2012

Economic Prosperity and the Fiscal 'Speed Bump'

An incredible opportunity is coming for America, starting in just a few weeks. The Bush tax cuts will expire. Pentagon spending will be slashed – although still hugely larger than it was just a decade ago. And, to make conservatives smile, funding for programs that keep poor and unemployed people alive and healthy will be cut. This is an opportunity for several reasons.