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Posted at Truthout on Nov. 20, 2012

Why Anonymous’ Claims about Election-Rigging Can’t Be Ignored

As laid out in the previous article,Anonymous, Karl Rove and the 2012 Election Fix?, it’s possible that Karl Rove used SmartTECH’s servers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to flip the vote totals in Ohio in 2004 and thus steal the election that year for George W. Bush – and just as possible that he tried to do the same thing this year on Romney’s behalf but was thwarted by the hacktivist group Anonymous.
Posted at Truthout on Nov. 19, 2012

Anonymous, Karl Rove and 2012 Election Fix?

At around 11:25 pm EST on election night, Karl Rove knew something had gone terribly wrong. Minutes earlier, Fox News called the key battleground state of Ohio for President Obama, sealing his re-election. But as the network took live shots of jubilant Obama supporters celebrating their victory camped outside the Obama re-election headquarters in Chicago, Karl Rove began building a case against the call his employer network had just made.
Posted at Alternet.org on Nov. 18, 2012

Give BP the Death Penalty

What does it take for a foreign corporation to get the corporate death penalty in America? That's a question we need to ask ourselves, after news broke yesterday of BP's legal settlement over its Gulf oil spill disaster in 2010.
Posted at Truthout on Nov. 14, 2012

Attention Conservatives: Canada has a Home for You

So, it appears there are tens of thousands of Americans across the nation who want their states to withdraw from the Union, a process called secession. Apparently because that whole secession thing went so well last time it was tried back during the Lincoln administration.
Posted at Truthout on Nov. 14, 2012

Civics 101: Spending Vs. Investing

There’s something that every single American family understands, that Conservative budget hawks don’t want us to talk about, and that’s the difference between spending and investing.
Posted at Truthout on Nov. 13, 2012

Applebee's CEO and Millionare Zane Tankel vs. Working Americans

Republicans want us to think millionaire Zane Tankel, the CEO of Applebee’s New York Franchise and owner of forty Applebee’s restaurants, is a “job creator.” But after Tankelwent on the Fox Business networklast week, we know him for who he really is: a Scrooge who can’t be bothered to give his employees health insurance.