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Posted at Medium on Jan. 22, 2021

How Much Better Off would America be If 6 Republican Presidents Hadn’t Stolen The White House?

It’s about time the last one, Trump, is held accountable Trump’s impeachment trial is coming up in the Senate, and already his allies are trying to throw up procedural roadblocks to exhaust the effort to hold him accountable. Should America “move beyond” Trump? No friggin’ way. It’s time to stop giving criminal Republican presidents a pass. Every GOP president since Dwight Eisenhower used treason or deception to come to office, and it needs to end. Here’s the story.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 21, 2021

America is dying: three steps to bring us back from the brink

Other developed countries are doing all these things; we can, too Since the Reagan Revolution, America has been slowly dying. Democrats must focus like a laser on three things to breathe new life into our country. They are Education, Healthcare, and a Green New Deal.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 20, 2021

“Trumpism” is just reinvented Reaganism with added brutality

Grifter Trump stole Trumpism, just like everything else in his life The king is dead; long live the [new] king.* With today’s transfer of power in Washington, DC, Trump isn’t dead, but the best hope for the future of America and the world is that his political movement does, in fact, die an ignominious death. Trump, of course, didn’t create Trumpism; like pretty much everything else in his life, he stole it.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 18, 2021

The Big Lie and truth are in an epic battle for the soul of America

The media and brave politicians hold the key The media must explode this generation’s Big Lie. If they continue to fail to do so, the political crisis in America will slide from bad to worse, more blood will be shed, and our republic may never recover. In many ways, Trump is simply repeating the old fascist Big Lie playbook that, 80 years ago, brought the world to its knees.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 16, 2021

Shameless Radical Religious Leaders Have Now Corrupted Government

It’s time to cut them off from the “free lunch” of tax exemption It’s time for average Americans to stop being forced to subsidize politically radical religious leaders. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham and heir to the multimillion-dollar Graham fortune, just publicly said that the 10 Republicans voting to impeach Donald Trump and the US House of Representatives were like Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 15, 2021

Why a little insurrection is no big deal to Republicans

If their true scam is admitted, the GOP could wander in the wilderness for two generations It seems inexplicable. A group of Americans invaded the US Capitol with a plan to kidnap and kill the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, hoping that would throw the Electoral College vote to the US House, where Republicans would declare Donald Trump the winner.
Posted at Medium on Jan. 14, 2021

The inescapable truth about rightwing billionaires and Trump

Hint: It’s all about the money Some very wealthy people helped put Donald Trump in office, and have continued to subsidize the Trump presidency and those Republicans who enable it. Why would they do this? Why would they play such a horrible game of Russian Roulette with the United States of America and its citizens?