Do we need more cops or do we need CAHOOTS? We know this is a mental health crisis causing a crime wave, so if our candidates are smart, they will emphasize that for the unaffiliated voters.

The Republicans drag this crap-issue out every election; this time it could resonate with the folks in the middle. But, so could a discussion on what is causing the crime.

For those who do not know what the CAHOOTS people do in Eugene, Oregon, I hope you will take a look. That's who would respond to a water-bottle thrower and a whole host of other situations.

In many areas, people have been told for YEARS that the cops aren't coming after a theft. If the situation is something in progress, they try to show-up, but if it is after the fact, they want you to come to the station to file a report. They do the same with lesser traffic accidents. Seeing a cop makes you feel better about your grievance, but does it DO anything? The perp is long gone and doesn't care anyway. Time to give up your false sense of security.

Our candidates need to step up with the right arguments. Thom's neighbors are stepping up to protect their homes. But, I beg to differ that we need "anti-crime" programs when it's mental health, homelessness, and covid craziness at the heart of today's problems. The Republicans will not get the nuance of social programs being anti-crime. They want prisons, harsh sentences and mean police. You know, keep doing the same insane thing over and over and over.

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About the last thing they need to do is preach Defund the Police. That is food for Fox News.

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