The truth can be brutal, and this particular piece is an example of such.

A friend of mine passed several years back. His service was held at a large, steel warehouse - the type of structure more akin to a poultry processing facility than the Christian church it purported itself to be.

The pastor spoke a lot about our obedience to God, very little about the life of my friend, and perhaps most disturbingly - assured us all that he (the deceased) was resting in Valhalla.

Pseudo Christianity merging with Norse mythology. This alone is a troubling development, and longer in the making than most of us realize.

A war is being made...

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Absurd, I wish that's what I could say concerning this newsletter about America 2021. But I have watched it unfold before my eyes. We are experiencing an intersection of a modern mythology and a death cult. Both have been built one preposterous layer at a time.

I live in a red county with no large cities. We have hate-radio, Boogaloo Boys, Patriot Prayer folks, 3 Percenters, and Proud Boys. At least the Trump caravans here haven't shot paint balls or sprayed the opposition with bear spray like they have elsewhere. Someone brandished a handgun and that asshole was arrested. And overtly there is racism, racism, racism.....

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Left the Oath Keepers off the list, and they had been very active here.

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Or a good death while hooked up to a ventilator with a preventable virus. https://www.yahoo.com/news/architect-operation-warp-speed-message-192223141.html

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