Here in Alabama, Kay Ivey is running on:

Banning CRT, which she did even though it's never been taught here.

Using 400 Million in covid relief money to build new plantations... I mean prisons

And having someone inspect your kid's private parts so they won't use "The wrong restroom"

I exaggerate on the last but not by much.

If you've read Thom's book on Healthcare, you might remember the section where he talks about medicare/ medicaid expansion and how it was fought for the simple reason that the ruling class didn't want black people to benefit.

In fact, ALL of the hidden history books detail how racism is intertwined in our laws and culture.

I think LBJ said it best. "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

That's what the GOP has excelled at. Like Thom has said before, "We want the billionaires to catch a break" isn't a good slogan for the party. But, saying that someone's after your job or saying that someone is trying to destroy your culture grabs your attention.

We need to continually fight back on these toxic talking points from the right.

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I had a supervisor some years back who stated "I thought that stuff was all done with?" in response to my sharing the big secret that racism never went away, it just changed shapes.

Evil lives. It is our duty to be vigilant in observing and countering its ever-morphing iterations.

The truth of equality and peace is a living practice, never a destination. A day we anticipate where all things are well and our lives are nothing more than biology-on-autopilot is a day that does not exist.

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This Report made me do an inventory of my own history and how I knew, even in my teens, racism was wrong. I was surrounded by it, most were and still are. I made a conscious choice. Similarly, these days I have to put myself in check from time to time about cultural differences.

I KNEW because I had not just one mentor but millions. It didn't include my parents; eventually I tried to teach them. I learned from the nightly news, books and magazines; they taught me about the hatred and those fighting it. But, the decision to pick a side was mine. Republicans are consciously choosing to divide our nation along racial lines, because they fear the truth and our history. They choose to manipulate to gain power. Cowards.

Seventeen year old "alis" would tell Republicans to grow-up. Teens today are way ahead of any Republican agenda to divide them racially. Clock's ticking, Republicans! Now we have to convince young people politics matters in everything they do, everyday of their lives.

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Most people, both parties and Independents, are tired of hearing about racism. Try another angle please.

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