The legacy of Republican Lies that have built the foundation for todays domestic political turmoil, continue.

They continue to allow the Republican Congress to harass the president of the US and his family .

All to offset the criminal leader of the January 6

attempted coup to replace the legitimately elected Joe Biden with illegal electors for Trauma Trump.

Trauma Trump was the legitimate loser in the 2020 presidential election .

But because his broken psyche was insulted and therefore his followers psyches also injured, someone has to pay.

And we all are paying for it every day.

Marjorie T Greene will not ever keep her fractured thoughts to herself.

Jim Jordan continues to investigate the legitimate investigators of Trump.

James Comer also wants a fascist government and presses for one every day with his lying attacks on Biden.

Trump is 3 years younger then Joe Biden and has many more serious physical and mental deficits than Biden.

Yet the constant media attention focuses on Bidens age.

Why do you think that is ?

Because they truly have little else they can accuse him of . Oh, Joe Biden’s family is fair game .

His son Hunter has had some problems. He is a recovering addict.

He was involved in the accident as a young child, that killed his mother and his baby sister.

He and his brother Beau were sole survivors of the accident .

They were raised by their father Joe who was involved in Democratic politics.

Hunter lost his brother Beau to cancer.

Lots of trauma frequently precedes addiction . He did some illegal things during this time .

But the republicans insist his father was involved in illegality . They are wrong and they know they’re

wrong but you know.... Trump.

So they continue to lie and rant and rave about injustice done to Trauma Trump.

Who only tried to overthrow the duly elected government.

And used taxpayers money to take his lies to court about 60 times.

The lying attacks continue , but they only apply to people who disagree with their fascist meanderings.

All this is bankrolled by the corrupt oil and gas industry.

They have agreed to back the republicans as long as they put an end to trying to remediate the Climate Crisis that kills people every day .

And the Evangelical Christians in general support attacks on LGBTQ individuals , a woman’s right to make choices about her life and her body.

And Black and Brown people . And Native Americans.

And any person in this country or the world who they oppose because they are not white Christian men.

And the children are also hostages of their primitive plans for education.

It seems we’ve had a lot of abusers of power in power over the years.

We have apparently thought it was our job as Americans to give them cover.

Its not our job . Our job is to get the truth out no matter who it offends . Just because it is the truth .

Thanks Thom for this excellent look at these

leaders and situations that have caused huge death and destruction . Ill never be able to think of the date 9/11 without thinking of Bush , Cheney

without thinking of their Big Lie.

And now we will deal with Trumps big Lie.

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Like most Americans I remember exactly where I was when the towers were hit. I was in a Canadian restaurant watching it on T.V.; stricken with fear for my daughter who travelled daily to and from her office by subway under the twin towers. My fear was increased by the possibility that the border might be closed by U.S. authorities and I would be trapped in Canada, unable to phone her in New York. The border remained open long enough or me to drive across and find a message on my phone from her telling me she was O.K. What a daughter. What a relief. Then the Canadian border and Manhattan phone lines were shut down.

Days later one of my students organized a University and community-wide, conference about the attack and asked me to sit on the faculty discussion panel in the room. Among my comments I expressed hope that our government would not over-react and use the terrorist attack as an excuse to start a war. The President of the college publicly ridiculed me for this comment.

In response to a faculty colleague who defended past behavior of the U.S. government I pointed out how the U.S. had supported dictators and autocrats like Batista, Somoza, the Shah of Iran and connived at the destruction of democracies like Chile, Guatemala and others. It was not even necessary to mention Vietnam. My colleague objected that the U.S. never installed an "American" autocrat. To this I responded that Harry Truman installed General Douglass MacArthur as the unchallenged dictator of Japan. A position" Dug-out Doug" held (for better or worse) for a decade after WWII. Which begs the question: Why Japan and not Germany? Forgotten history. Also, let us not forget the Nuremberg trials. Since before Ancient Rome only the victors have written history. More forgotten history.

The police approached me at the end of that conference and held me in the room for a while. They informed me there was a group of local "tough guys" openly threatening to attack me in the parking lot because of my words which they found offensively unpatriotic.

Forgotten history? Do Americans want to be informed about history? Only if it supports their biases.

But they should be nevertheless informed especially when it doesn't. Thank you for informing us Mr. Hartman.

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Having it laid out like this is so powerful -- and so infuriating. And you didn't even get to Nixon's efforts to sabotage the Vietnam peace talks, whose success would surely have boosted Humphrey in the 1968 election. Politico had a good story about this in 2017: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/08/06/nixon-vietnam-candidate-conspired-with-foreign-power-win-election-215461/

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If there is any doubt about the complicity and treachery of the corporate media. Just think about how they ignore the lies, especially Trumps, instead of pounding dust into sand, as they should, they shift gears to putting Biden under the microscope, and it is all explainable because the corporate media is owned by the cabals and oligarchs that have bought our government, and the mind of America, Rupert Murdoch shares the blame along with Less Moonves of CBS, who said of Trump "he's bad for America but great for CBS. These M. effers are the scum of the earth.

What rags me is that, as Thom reminds us, Biden publicly exposed Trump's hand in it all, but the media made no play about it, and Biden's campaign is ignoring Trump's treachery. in more ways than one.

Who the f...k is leading the Democratic party and its campaign. ?

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Did Bush or Cheney (likely the latter) know in advance about 9/11? Probably given their unhurried response. Was the attack blowback for decades of bad foreign policy in Saudi Arabia and other Arab neighbors? Absolutely. Did we reign in the Saudi's in response? Aside from attacking Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11, we are cozier than ever with the Saudi tyrant MBS. We are still in Iraq, though few people can explain why. At least Biden got us out of Afghanistan before the American Union collapsed - albeit in an embarrassing cluster-f--k. Though we finally murdered Bin Laden in a pathetic gesture aimed at justifying the pointless invasions and loss of US military lives, the Middle East remains the diplomatic mess we created when Iran reacted to our CIA puppet Shah and replaced him with a theocratic dictatorship. So, if anything, 9/11 memorialized decades of US diplomatic failure - makes no sense.

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Unfortunately one reason they have gone down the memory hole is that Barack Obama excused away the lies and war crimes of Bush, Cheney, Yoo et al by saying we have to look towards the future not back at the past. So that if a president cannot be held accountable for sanctioning torture and mass murder based on complete lies, lies enthusiastically amplified by Democratic party heroes like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, what possible transgression could be committed by a president that would result in accountability? Perhaps Obama could have taken a stand and set a precedent, but perhaps he knew in the office of president of the United States one of the responsibilities is committing war crimes which Obama indeed has. So like his lies to Planned Parenthood in 2007 about passing the Freedom of Choice Act as his first legislative act, only not to do so due to his politically expedient concerns about appealing to conservative religious voters, the failure to hold our own party's leaders accountable results in immeasurable harm to women and marginalized communities around the world but also to our wont and ability to place history in proper context.

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One other thing: This is the 50th anniversary of Nixon and Kissinger's murder of Allende. May we not forget that either.

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Although I read Santayana as an undergrad; I am reminded more frequently of the pithier remark by our own homegrown commentator Mark Twain: "History never repeats itself but it does often rhyme."

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Flagged to read later. Important topic. I will read tomorrow.

I just can’t today.

I could see the smoke 22 years ago.

The National Guard road through our town on the way from their armory heading in to lower Manhattan.

There were people from my town that never came home.

Everything was coated in a fine dust.

Ashes that used to be people.

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This is heartbreaking.

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Thanks for having the cojones to publicly condemn what Gore Vidal aptly called the Bush/Cheney Junta for its war crimes and thanks for adding this spark of truth to the historical record, which will not be forgotten no matter what the Republicans try to do to stop it. There's a higher power of consciousness at work in the universe far greater than these small, evil men that will account for their crimes against humanity by imbuing their names with a shame that will disgrace the memories of their actions forever.

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"It’s cost us too much in money, credibility, and blood."-Thom Hartmann

What has Iraq and Afghanistan cost Bush and Cheney? You could say they were allowed to ride off into the sunset like the literal gunslingers they are. Disgusting!

After dealing with terrorism in Germany in the 80's, I kept up with that subject when I got home. The horror of 9/11 was no surprise to me. On the other hand, our country's reaction to it was jarring.

Damn straight we cannot afford to forget the TRUTH. Thanks Thom.

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Are we sure this is not an updated domino theory which led us into VietNam? Yes, lots of differences but also similarities.

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Thom, I wrote a long response in your "One Year After" posting and don't need to repeat it here. But I will say that the Afghanistan war was lost the day it began. Having been all through the country (I traveled around it while on the overland route from France to Nepal, pre-Soviet invasion) it was obvious to me that nobody could control a nation of tough people with strong religious beliefs who lived in very rugged mountains. If Brezhnev had bothered to note that in 1841 Britain lost an entire army (15,000 in, 1 made it out) maybe he would have rethought things. Perhaps we could have made a positive impact by quickly occupying the country and then sending in physicians, engineers and other people to rebuild the place after which we got out. That is how some insurrections have been ended. But if any U.S. president thought military force would work a country where deep tribal divisions and massive corruption are the way of life, they were either lied to or didn't care. And the fact that nobody really asked “why” 9/11 happened shows how narrow the national view was, and how little anyone wanted to learn from it.

I will say what's fascinating is how the Iraq War has really disappeared from discussion. People say "Thank you for your service" as some sort of mantra, just like since Vietnam they've flown the Jolly Roger (er--POW flag, but it looks like that from a distance) apparently as an atonement for not "supporting the troops" more. But people don't want to talk about this disaster any more than someone would want to admit how they were scammed. After all, going into Iraq made as much sense as if after Pearl Harbor FDR had invaded Peru. But the country was suffering from PTSD and somebody had to pay for the pain. Saddam was a good target...I really heard the same kind of lies about going into Vietnam, but this time an unspoken implication was, "Think about all that oil!"

And to try and imagine what Edward Gibbon might have written, some day historians will draw a line where the American Empire began to fail. It might be the election of 1980 but perhaps more likely it is the one of 2000. I doubt if we will ever recover from the effects of that disastrous vote.

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Don’t believe the war in Iraq is DONE. I correspond with a young US Marine First Sergeant who is stationed in Baghdad. Half of his working hours (15 per day) are spent in the city assisting the Red Cross with civilian needs. The rest of it, from night till dawn patrolling with his squad. Some members of his team have been killed by ISIL members. Yes, they are still very active. And this past week this brave young Marine was wounded by what his team described as a “trrro

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The truth really stings but must never be forgotten.

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