The police departments have always discriminated against people they don't like. If you have a Biden bumper sticker or a Darwin fish, you will be more likely to be charged with an offense that the police would let a good Christian off with. The police assume most black men are poor and they are. The police don't like poor white people either. They assume all poor people vote Democrats for handouts. Most of the poor whites, including the ones who died during covid are Republicans at heart. The altruistic Democrats keep trying to provide government money to keep the poor from suffering, where as the sadistic Republicans keep trying to take government money away from the poor to make them suffer! The left tries to grow love and the right grows hatred of others they don't approve of. The left wants to evolve in the right wants to go back till before the dark ages, where they were tortured, enslaved, starved... They are very slow learners. Fake religions have short circuited their brains on purpose

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There was a time when I was fan of the police. No more, there really are no good cops, not even the Black ones, The cops punish those who don't fall in line, especially setting them up, and not responding to Officer needs help calls.

The very fact that "bad" cops get away with their crimes, and so called "good" cops will even perjure themselves or stay silent, means that there is no such thing as good cop. If not guilty by action, they are guilty by complicity.

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We do this by standing along side the black community, assisting them in getting out the vote. I went through this in GA; they need our help. Drive them to polling places, stand in line with them. Just abide by them and support their efforts. They know what the real deal is; this is nothing new to them. After the 2016 election (which I believe the Republicans stole), this one older black gal friend of mine commented when I asked her if she thought the same, 'Girl, you know it. Ummhmmm.' Trump et al. made such a big deal out of accusing the Dems. of voter fraud; well, best defense is an offense. 2020 too, except they didn't get away with it, thanks to so many mail-in ballots (which can't be hacked).

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The Supreme Court once thought of as fallback for righting challenges made to oppose human rights of every citizen. They are now woven into the cloth of bigotry that is advanced by far right Magas , the Heritage foundation and Republicans in general.

The idea is to alter voting as we knew it for minorities and Democrats .

Judges have gone along with these Voter suppression tactics from every angle, resulting in a severely skewed and and distorted election process and outcomes.

From Citizens United to the backing of Republican steered suppression for minorities, purging voter rolls with no real reason other than the fact that those purged are African Americans who tend to vote for Democrats.

This has been deemed acceptable by the far right members of the Supreme Court.

In states like Florida where black , brown and LGBTQ citizens have been terrorized by their governor (Head Terrorist Ron De Santis.)

Its going on in all corners of this country thanks to the crooked policies sanctioned by Trump and his Maga followers and the 6 Far Right Judges on the Supreme Court who also represent the acceptance of corruption in their numbers.

They defend, they defy ,

Their arrogant ignorance assists them on their journey to complete acceptance of authoritarianism.

Yes we are there.

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Hey, hey, ho, ho SCOTUS has go to go. The Senate, not the House appoints federal judges and he who appoints can remove. There is nothing in the constitution about impeaching a judge,or involves the House. Biden and Schumer can do, if they have the cajones (which I doubt)

One judge above all, boggles g the mind, Clarence Thomas, a proven Quisling. The House slave in Django Unchained, he sucks at Harlan Crowes male member, and enjoys illegal perks, yet the Senate and President do nothiing.

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This is why I claim that the house is illegitimate. We would not have a Republican Majority if they did not steal the election. The Slogan this election should be Stop the Republican Steal in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Utah, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio


Then for removal of people from the rolls we should not forget Tennessee.


they were not alone with Florida. It has been made easy in several states.

https://www.democracydocket.com/analysis/in-seven-states-removing-voters-from-the-rolls-just-got-easier/ The fact that this is going on just seems crazy.

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"Stop the Republican Steal." It's got a nice snap to it. If those billboards were strung across key states, Fox& ilk would throw fits and no doubt there would be censorship lawsuits to take them down, but all of that would get attention. Only 4 words, maybe with "Republican" just a little larger on its own line....

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I agree! I like your layout idea. And, then the Republicans would not seem to have ownership of the claim or the slogan. Another slogan I thought of, but I know it would be too confusing to many, is Make America Great Again, Don't Vote for Trump. Or Keep on Making America Great Again with Biden! That would flip out Trump and the Republicans, because the MAGA hats would no longer just stand for Trump. In fact, I would love to take a lot of Republican slogans and turn them around. I would like a slogan about Joe and Jill. Joe and Jill went to the Hill to present a bill that was the people's will. Then they went home with a job well done and had a nice evening because the people had won!

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People died for the movements that got the Constitution amended for Americans to vote. Trying to take away their franchise is indecent.

Kudos to Thom and Greg Palast for trying to protect and get out the vote.

And speaking of indecent, every year that passes since the Trump presidency, the more comfortable Republicans become with oppressing people. Taking away voting rights must be the most UN-American thing someone can do. It dishonors the memory of those who fought and gave life and limb for our country.

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