If only Barry J Kaufman were President... Perhaps Barry could offer some novel solution of whimsy, a thoughtful insight, or anything other than the standard contribution of Thom is basically the crook silhouette on Neighborhood Watch signs.

Patriotism has its place and time when evoked in pursuit of our highest ideals. Now is that time.

We have ample supply of anti-democracy oligarchs within. The prople certainly won't benefit from supplemental influence by foreign oligarchs. That's a "Plus 1" invitation sailing for the dumpster.

Less corruption, not more.

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ok, class. The reason Thom uses "patriotic" in this context is to try to reclaim the word from the corrupting clutches of jingoists and white supremacists, and return the concept of "patriotism" to some connection to doing the right thing.

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The State of the Union is always informative, even if it's Trump giving it. President Biden gave a strong speech despite his impediment that he has dealt with all his life. It was written all over the faces on the right. The more Republicans call him weak, old, and stupid the more it informs me of what they fear. No one knows better than they do what a war can do for a president.

What Thom is telling me is that the Republicans need to stop lying for the duration and not use the war to campaign. He presented the fossil fuel facts.

The folks on the right demand quick remedies, and the Trumpers are suffering from oppositional defiant disorder. Those are terrible positions in a crisis. Lucky for us, we have leadership willing to think it through and cooperate with the rest of the free world instead of acting like we are the masters of the universe.

Republicans want us worried about gas lines and prices, not humanity. They should not be so cocky, because Putin just bombed a nuclear plant. He also has Chernobyl and is in love with his tactical nukes for the field and his hyper-sonic delivery system. He is a psychopath, he's proved it, and he views people as objects and obstacles, especially Americans.

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Good reference to a great movie. Very true indeed.

I'm in agreement with you on the US oligarchy. They've refined and reinforced the art of oligarching to a degree in which it is miraculously - nearly invisible...

It's not a judgment of who's worse, it's a question of "How many".

Less is better. I think. But there is the concern that "less" is also their goal. All of these subhuman wannabe kings are clawing for the top. We (people of the world) pay the price by warring on behalf of this giant peepee contest. It's just a different wrapper for us, like "Operation Iraqi Liberation" ( they should've stuck with that) or some other "values-based" reason to murder our neighbors across the globe as well as those on our street. The Liberal vs Conservative mirage is a travesty, a fantastical dividing tool, and just plain dumb to engage from a team sport perspective.

It's about being human, it's about issues, it's about time the cosmic woodchipper fires up its wind turbines and sucks in the traitors of Life.

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...And now, Putin is attacking the largest nuclear power plant in the world with artillery. Of course he is. In one fell swoop, the king of oil and gas magnates and his latest military misadventure in Ukraine is proving why it is crucial for this gluttonous world to reject fossil-fuel energy AND nuclear power. If not now, when?

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It is disconcerting to see Thom Hartmann employing nationalist propaganda. What does "patriotic enough" mean? Am I not "patriotic enough" because I found Biden's State of the Union to be standard-issue drivel? Or that I think his lack of communication with Putin to be a fatal error in diplomacy? The question itself is bizarre, as if Republicans are the only ones who might struggle economically due to inflated oil prices. As usual, there are salient points here but the framing and anti-Republicanism in this context is needlessly divisive.

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