I’m holding Republicans to blame for taking this stance and rolling it into every corner of our society.

White supremacy has been adopted by them as another tool

Of opposition to our democracy.

The people pushing these policies are incited by the evil of the agencies supporting them .

The Federalist Society. Big Business.

Big moneyed architects of White Supremacy. All foundations of the Republicans whether or not they pretend to know it .

It’s there and it’s tragic.

People that are comfortable with this twisted evolution are bigots, period.

Trump and his supporters are big proponents of active destructive racism

And the alleged ‘Christian’s’ who support this are not Christian’s.

It’s a putrid interpretation of their ideology.

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Similar to the slaveholders of yesteryear, the brutal authoritarian politics that is powered by white supremacy does not want people to be able to think for themselves. Also why it's so hard to pass national education policy in this nation.

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Kids learn racism from their parents, who teach fear and hate of other human beings, all those who must bear the blame for life's trials and tribulations. And it's always in terms of the "others" who threaten everything we hold most dear, "those" unworthy people, unlike us.

Instead of learning life's hard lessons, accepting responsibility for one's thoughts and actions, and trying to do better, like good people should, cynical, self-righteous adults over a lifetime of unrelenting conditioning become rigid in their exclusionary belief system, blind to its ugly, real-world consequences, secretly relishing in their hatred while excusing or hiding it with lofty ideals and heartfelt indignations, hollow words designed to distract from the ugly reality of their hugely flawed self. And these fearful, hateful, small-minded fools instruct their children in the ways of bigotry, teaching them what to think rather than how to think.

Like most of their made-up attacks against perceived enemies, Republicans are infamous for Orwellian doublespeak: falsely attributing to others their own sins. They are masters of projection. When Republicans accuse Democrats of indoctrinating ("grooming") children into some fictitious "woke" ideology, what they really mean is that they fully intend to indoctrinate as many children as possible with extreme, right-wing ideology. It's an open secret they're not even trying to hide anymore — they're going full tilt!

"Teach your children well

Their father's hell

Will slowly go by" - Graham Nash

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The most powerful action is to repeatedly point out the fascist ideology of using non existent ideas as being real. The Nazi did this in spades and it is the most dangerous for cultures to allow.

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Here in Baghdad By the Sea students are forced to take “Victims of Communism Day” every November 7 "to honor the hundreds of millions of people who have suffered under communist regimes across the world."

We've got one such regime about 90 miles from Key West. Most of its victims support DeSantis and the Florida legislature elimination of Black history, banning of books, and limitations on the First Amendment rights to speak freely about race or petition the government, especially when it comes to it. In the last election, they voted heavily for DeSantis and sent three MAGAT Batistianos back to represent Miami in Congress, despite the fact that Miami has a majority Democratic registration.

Simultaneously, more than 100,00 Cubans, mostly negr]itos, who had been convinced to rebel and protest against the Cuban government and voted with their feet to get to Mejico, try to make it to freedom as maybe 1,000,000 of their paisanos had done. But their countrymen, DeSantis and the entire Republican Party would rather demonize them than sponsor them.

They target and threaten to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whose family also fled Cuba. but who is, in the local vernacular, a Juban,

Some of the very people who support the elimination of Black history, banning of books, and limitations on the First Amendment rights to speak freely about race or petition the government happen to be Black -- most Afrocubanos, but also Haitians and others. I reported several times about the major error committed by BLM. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/black-lives-matter-faces-backlash-statement-cuba-protest-rcna1438

IMHO it would not take too much to turn this around.

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Jan 2·edited Jan 2

I missed out on the excitement of school board meetings during COVID. I started to get interested in my local meetings (in a rural area in a "Blue" state) when the elections started to appear political. A group of 3 ran as a team and were allegedly part of a statewide group with the term "Patriots" somewhere in the title (and the local Republican state senator was linked to the group as well). Two of the three were voted to the school board.

Unfortunately, I have missed the last so many meetings, but there was obviously some tension among the board. I was mostly curious to figure out their agenda. Allegedly (I recently heard), one of the new board members had placed a call, to the librarian, to inquire about some of the books in the library (no surprise). I want to monitor this situation since Steve Bannon has said that they need to save the nation by going through the school boards. The right knows how to play the long game.

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Hi Tom,

Nikki Haley was governor of South Carolina, not North.

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You put your finger on the problem at the end Thom. The right wing, the fascists, the racists, the authoritarians are motivated and have been since Brown V Board of Education.

Motivated by fear and angst, they have been showing up at school boards and local elections.

While liberals, including those discriminated against, have been sitting by and letting the fascists take over the country, from school board and dog catcher to legislatures and governors, while the only apparent interest of liberals (Democrats) has been the General Election.

Racists are motivated, by fear, to action, Liberals by the ideology of peace and reason to protesting with signs. Democrats kvetch, Republicans act and willingly empty their pockets, that is what fear motivation does.

Liberals are not afraid, and as a result fascism is in its ascendancy.

Liberals are the pre frontal cortex, conservatives the lizard brain.

And guess which is winning?

Liberals need to get angry, show up, take action, defend decency, diversity and equity at the city council, the corporate level, the state and federal level, because that is where the fascists are active.

The fascists are so motivated to ban books and reverse all civil gains, that they will risk their own freedoms, like J6, even their lives. Where is such dedication on the left. Nay, our "leaders' implore us to be patient, kind, considerate, open minded, and reason with those who would destroy us.

Here is one piece of deadly and ill advised advice, from a respected source: Be compassionate toward hardcore followers of Trump. Yeh like Socialists being compassionate towards hard core followers of Hitler and how did that work out.

The right wing is irrational, because it is self willed ignorant, short sighted and thus incapable of critical reasoning, also a fault of libertarians.. The left wing is rational and thus complacent

we limit ourselves to kvetching about this and that or scribbling on placards and marching in protest.

Temecula is in Riverside Co., CA and blacks are only 7.8% of the population, it is axiomatic that the smaller the percentage of non whites, the more racist the city, county or state is, (with the exception of the Deep South.

Cosmopolitan centers are liberal tend to democratic because they are commercial centers, attract a large number of non whites, who have money to spend, and whose labor is more than menial.

There seems to be a correlation between economic health, jobs, and lifestyle and attitudes toward liberalism and diversity. Thus the Trump states are marginal to poor, and you have situations like Washington a state which were it not for prosperous King , Snohomish Counties and the I-5 Corridor would be red.and New York State which is Blue only because of NYC which numbers over 8 million the largest other cities number in the hundreds of thousands and teeter, witness the 2020 elections in which four seats were lost, because the Majority leader of Congress, Sean Patrick Maloney, NY's 18th,, and Adam Schiff felt so secure that they went junketeering in Paris, in 2022, rather than stay at home and help defend 4 Democratic seats.

The racism in the south is historic and passed down by tradition and tales, father to son, mother to daughter and is perpetuated because the states themselves are impoverished and taker states, surviving only because of blue states, and at that the cosmopolitan commercial centers in those states.

People can't accept personal responsibility for their own state of misery, so they use scapegoats, people who don't look like them, worship like them, have a different lifestyle, customs and traditions than them.. the deadly other.

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When are they coming for the atheists?

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“The media could have........” yes they could have. And they should have. And they better start doing so with gusto.

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Turning the United States into something sappy like a Hallmark movie or Disney experience is a horrible thing to do. The blood, sweat and tears that went into building this nation is all too real. Isn't the least we 2024 Americans can do is tell our children the truth to honor those sacrifices? ALL the sacrifices and EVERYONE'S sacrifices must be included; people earned their place in our history. Of course the really young need to be considered carefully, but the bulk of history is taught in the higher grades to older students. They see the news and our real history being made everyday.

We've succeeded in getting out the truth and have been blowing-up their myths, these right-wing radicals can't have THAT! There's also an element of "What I learned worked for me, and I want the same for my child". According to their philosophy, a big serving of White-privilege will do for everyone. At the heart of it all is conservatives clinging to their past. They are scared to death of the future and the demographic change on the horizon.

Folks paying property tax (includes renters), people with kids and grand-kids, and community members are stakeholders. It's good to look-up the agenda when researching the times for your school board meetings. Our board does take comments both written and oral at every meeting.

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Too many people are simply cowardly.

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This is all concerning and it is vitally important for parents to get involved particularly when it comes to school boards. That being said, the racism of the Democratic Party, from Biden's stance on policing and lack of action on police reform and voting rights to his continuation and expansion of restrictive Trump era immigration policies to the party's stance on Israel are all on the spectrum and have resulted in attrition in the party's grassroots activist base. In addition, your framing of Biden as a "geriatric stutterer" shows either naivete or bias in failing to acknowledge his rapidly deteriorating cognitive and physical condition.

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Once again, schools should not be controlled by political actors, whether elected school board members or state government officials, agencies, and executives. Professional administrators with service to children as their primary objective and focus should be in charge of schools, and parents should have the option of choosing which school or which teacher and which curricula meet the needs of their child or satisfies their particular political or educational philosophy. Those on the left should know, even if those on the right do not, that they should not have to initiate a second career as a school board member to overpower someone whose political or philosophical orientation is different. That's what political offices are for. Fighting over the specifics of what books or what ideas and ideals should be introduced to students is not a matter for the state to control in a democracy and that should be obvious. It is not obvious because people are conditioned to believe that it is okay for education to be under an arbitrary authority. But when that authority becomes capricious and destructive, they cannot figure out why they are in an existential battle for control. You gave Ron DeSantis the power to dictate school policy. You cannot complain about how he exercises that power.

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