"Boomers" as a cohort are being blamed for what corporations are doing to the young. Meanwhile, the people most harmed by conservative/Republican policy reliably pull the lever for "R" faithfully. We can combat just about anything but rank stupidity.

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"We" don't have to keep Gen Zers from fleeing America: the countries they want to flee to will mostly take care of that, unless they have valuable skills, money, and/or perhaps a parent or grandparent from the country they want to flee to. Or they could maybe find a citizen of the target country willing to marry them.

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Unfortunately the NHS has been suffering a death of a thousand cuts under the Tories - underfunding and partial privatisation. And they used COVID as an excuse to toss a lot of money at their friends that would have been spent far better on the NHS. Peter Thiel and Palantir are heavenly involved.

Also, higher education is no longer free here and the Tories are hostile to foreign students. Student loan debt is very high. https://www.lendingtree.com/student/student-debt-by-country/

I'd wait and see what the new government does after the Tories are kicked out in a year or so.

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A leader is all Gen-Z needs to stay and fight. Will the Democrats find that inspiration before it's too late? President Biden is doing a brilliant job, and he needs a young leader for Vice. Taylor Swift?

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My daughter is going to uni in the EU. I am currently living in the EU because even though I am not a G-Zer, I feel everything that the survey says are reasons for Gen-Zers to leave. In fact, after looking at the WaPo discussion of the deaths from military weapons sold casually to any Tom, Dick and Harry that wants them in the USA, I find the level of violence, and gun violence specifically to be unacceptable. In fact, in many ways the USA is like living in a third world country. The great disparity between the top incomes and bottom is a criteria of this. My daughter has so many friends in the USA who draw her back for holidays that I just have to hope that nothing happens during that time. A level of stress that many EU parents do not have when their children go out, or even on NYE when people like to shoot guns. Stray bullets can go through walls. So, her former teacher's daughter and her husband just up and moved to Portugal this fall. I know others who are doing that too.

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GenZ leaving the country is just what the right wants. Since they are more progressive than their parents, and threaten the national paradigm, which like it or not is reflected in MAGA.

The country has passed the tipping point, as evidenced in the fact that not even the so called “liberal” media questions, the lies and motivations, especially the motivations of the fascists among us.

Unlike their parents and grandparents GenZ does not own homes, or anything that they can’t walk away from. They are as free as free came be, quoting from Me and Bobby McGee and as Thom points out, no health care, education is too expensive and who wants to go into life time debt, and replay a loan from wages of an intern or a burger flipper.

Get an education and the best you can hope for is to get a low or no paying job as an intern, teacher, or keyboard operator, failing that a great career at KFC, Mackie D’s, or Popeyes. However I doubt that any country with a social safety net, will take them in., and they will soon find out that other countries are as xenophobic as ours., and frankly hostile to Americans, knowing that America has done to them for the benefit of big business, like Coke, United Fruit (Chiquita Banana), Exxon Mobil, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Vulture Funds.

The horrible possibility is that many of us, those marked for retribution, revenge or simply extermination, by dying for lack of health care and income, like senior citizens, LGBT and POC

Are doomed if MAGA attains power again. This time Trump and his cult will finish the job that they started in 2016

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There are few places left where they won't have to put up with our toxic foreign policies. So they may find their kids picking up the fight by returning to attack this supposed shining city. Once again we'd be leaving the hard work up to the kids.

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As a war baby married to a depression baby who now have visas to live in Portugal, I can empathize with young people. We don't want to live here anymore either due to Republican politics, gun violence, and the general malaise that has settled over the population due to the violence and malevolence of so much of the country especially what oozes out of their ilk in DC , TX and FL.

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I’m no Gen Zer, I’m a baby boomer. And if it was simple I’d consider moving somewhere else. Especially if the election goes for the fascist.

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I can’t blame the GEN Zers for fleeing this nonsense. For everything that President Biden and Vice President Harris accomplished in their first two years after taking ivermectin this nation that was at the lowest point of its existence, and having to rebuild every single department of the government after it was totally dismantled by the previous administration, and the lunatic that was in charge.

Personally, I highly approve of Vice President Harris. I think she’s done an exceptional job working with President Biden, heading up all the different projects he has had her working on. We must remember, this man has been involved in politics over 50 years, and is about as honest as the day is long. His training Vice President Harris has been going on since before they took office three years ago.

The economy is better than it’s ever been. The prices are higher because of the crap done by the former administration. The trade embargo, and throwing everything we had with other nations out the window where we received nothing from anyone, and we shipped nothing to shunned. All this had had to be re-established with every nation. Try his includes the oil industry, agriculture, everything. So, the extravagant high prices we are paying right now are the blame of Trump. Not Biden.

Something else, President Obama and Vice President Biden had worked on the student loan situation where a lot of college students were actually able to go to college. Trump stopped all of that. Trump stopped the free education, reduced tuitions, everything. Student debt went through the roof. Now, this Republican House of Representatives refuses to do anything needing to be addressed to help the American people.

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If we could take our whole family to Norway, we would do it and help them fight off the capitalists.

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Nov 16·edited Nov 17

Hmmm. Think back to what you were like at 18 to 26---full of possibilities and with a brain still developing. Gen Z have the tools to form foreign relationships before they even get overseas, so that's something newish.

What isn't new is the desire to go to the countries listed on this poll. It's the Grand Tour all over again. It looks to me that only a third of them are thinking on a permanent basis. Still this is an interesting poll, and I hope everyone hits that link you gave us. I enjoyed seeing the variation from city to city and state to state. They concluded: "However, the main reason for wanting to move abroad was a desire to have new cultural experiences."

I noticed "do you believe in American exceptionalism" was a question being asked in Congressional hearings recently. Damned if you do, damned if you don't is the answer to that question. We have a lot of work to do. Sadly, the intelligent and curious youth are the ones we need to stay. They will be the ones that will help the others to become exceptional too.

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I wrote about this on some other substack.

Here in France we are seeing huge numbers of Americans trying to come here...it's a long immigration process.

Portugal is now cutting down on immigrants especially Americans who are buying up properties and renting them for exhorbitant amounts of money which locals cannot pay.

We actually don't want more Americans. We have hundreds of S. Americans/Algerians/Moroccans etc..

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Please submit this to the editorial board of any major newspaper. I know many Gen Zers who have been discussing this for years and they are now starting to move.

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Thom: Nobody, not even smart folk like you, connect dots that IF connected properly illuminate for the sake of gaining political advantage. That is, if the Democrats want to shine this light, because they don't really think of things this way. The "dots" are these:

1.) What Senator Sheldon Whitehouse refers to as "The Scheme"....

2.) ....and how powerful Leo Leonard is and what he controls

3.) Citizen's United

4.) Lobbying paybacks at millionaire levels after a politician leaves office and corporations writing bills for the politician that champions that bill

5.) PAC loopholes

6.) The ignoring of AntiTrust law

7.) The Panama Papers syndrome

8.) Off-shoring with no repercussions

9.) Yes, Reaganomics

This his list could go on for a spell. Point being that if these things were made to be seen as one big problem with elements that make clear how America went off the rails on purpose, by design, perhaps fewer people would regard everything left of the centerline as "radical", and more people would come to understand how devasting all these combined things are to all of us, including everyone that sees the likes of you and me as radical.

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