We can do this together, and we absolutely can have a good time doing it. There's a print piece on CNN Politics titled "As Trump readies summer rallies and speeches, allies worry he is stuck in the past". YA THINK! The cult just can't imagine why their psychopath doesn't care about getting people elected in 2022.

From the article: "He is so obsessed with his unsuccessful quest for reelection, one ex-Trump official said, that he has been moving himself toward irrelevance. "It's like a slow leak of a balloon that is now laying on the floor," is how the ex-Trump official described it."

The CNN reporters listed are Gabby Orr, Dana Bash, & Michael Warren.

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73 million voted for a Psychopath. Most knowingly but did not care. The strength of right wing media brainwashing.

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So now, the Republicans are demanding that Dr Fauci resign and that an investigation be done on the origins of the virus. Why did they not do this when Trump was POTUS?


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